As an ex-college athlete turned long-distance runner still adapting to life without a strict workout regimen, I am constantly searching for healthy ways to fuel my body and mind. One of my longtime favorites is RISE Brewing Co Nitro Cold Brew Coffee. Check out my top 10 reasons why RISE is so great for not just runners, but athletes in general.
Thomas Martin RISE Brewing Co Original Black Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Can
1) Clean Energy 
RISE Original Black Nitro Cold Brew Coffee truly is clean energy with zero additives and zero sugar. For me, this equates to zero crash. Before indulging in your pre-run RISE, be sure you are well hydrated. Given that RISE provides a highly caffeinated rush of endorphins and no crash substance, you are bound to start your day on the right (or left) foot.  
2) Organic Ingredients // Farm-to-Can 
Organic Peruvian coffee beans + purified water = RISE Original Black. Two ingredients. That’s it. Although you may think there’s a hint of sugar or added enhancers because of the crisp, rich flavor, RISE Brewing Co keeps their ingredient list as minimal as possible and your body reaps the benefits! You are destined to feel a difference drinking RISE’s natural ingredients vs. the sugar loaded, flavor-blasted alternatives.
3) Clarity
Have you ever woken up feeling foggy, sluggish, and ill-prepared for your morning run? Better yet, who else wakes up in the morning and immediately brainstorms a list of excuses to not lace up your running shoes? This happens to me roughly 50% of the time, with my head in the clouds and my body lagging behind. I think of some of the best excuses not to get out there. Sometimes good ol’ H2O does the trick, but RISE comes into play as an added boost. With the equivalent of 2 cups of coffee in 180 milligrams of caffeine in the Original Black can, RISE provides immediate energy. After all, this is what we do, we RISE and we GRIND. 
4) Affordability 
You would be surprised how many folks don’t brew their own coffee because of the inconvenience. So, they resort to spending $4+ on decent corner-store coffee. With RISE you will cut your daily expenses down, and no longer need that 2nd cup of coffee to beat the afternoon lull. You can find RISE nitro cold brew in NYC grocery stores, independent markets, and bodegas starting at just $2.99. If you can’t find it on the shelf, you can also order a 12-pack directly from Rise's website where they even offer subscriptions, if you want to make the habit a daily one.
5) Reliability
The team at RISE has spent years perfecting their ready-to-drink coffee beverages so that you can get the same cup of coffee in every pour. Consistency is the name of the game for athletes and runners alike. From the average gym goer to all-star professional athletes, fuel is one of the most important components to optimal performance. And that's why Rise is a great alternative to traditional sports drinks. Keep it clean. Keep it organic. Keep it consistent. RISE will give you the assist you’re looking for - it has the best ingredients to fuel every athlete’s workout goal. It’s in a can, it’s easy to handle, there's no variability on strength from day to day, and there's no sugar. It’s the cleanest coffee you can get. 
6) On-The-Go
RISE is not only cost effective, but it also adds an ease to your morning routine when it’s stocked in your fridge: See below for my fridge :)
 RISE Brewing Co Fridge Oat Milk Latte Oat Milk Mocha Classic Latte Original Black Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Organic Oat Milk
With RISE ready-to-drink cans already stashed in the refrigerator, you are within feet of cracking open a can in the AM - giving you the boost you need to crush that run you planned on avoiding! 
7) Drinkability
RISE is infused with nitrogen, serving us that frothy, smooth texture that naturally enhances the flavor of the coffee. People are often surprised to learn that the Original Black flavor may not need their usual milk or sugar additive. The slim, easy to grab can and cold, bold flavor makes it hard not to gulp down in just a couple sips! 
8) Light on the Stomach
I’ve noticed with certain foods that high levels of acid can bother my stomach. Since I have always used coffee as my pre-workout boost, I began to identify hot coffee in particular as an active trigger to acid reflux, leaving me struggling in the middle of a run or intense workout. Unlike hot black coffee, RISE’s Original Black has never let me down in the middle of a run. Why might this be? RISE is up to 80% less acidic than a typical cup of coffee because of the cold brewing process. I can assure you that the non-specific coffee brand in hotel lobbies served before races and marathons is not the answer! I stick with RISE because it’s clean, simple, and reliable.
9) Increased Metabolism
If you made it this far, you are probably well aware that caffeine from coffee can give you a short term metabolic boost. Coffee can actually help burn calories even after your run! Look good, feel good, and hit those fitness goals. 
10) Post-workout treat
What’s better than a post-workout smoothie or protein shake? A post-workout RISE infused smoothie or protein shake. My go-to recipe: 1 scoop of unflavored whey protein, 1 banana, 1 tablespoon of almond butter, 1 teaspoon of chia seeds/flax seed/hemp hearts, 1 cup almond/oat milk, a pinch of cinnamon, and ice. Add the Oat Milk Latte instead for an easy two-in-one switch. You get the creamy base from our organic Oat Milk, and an extra jolt of energy to drive you through the morning. This will guarantee you a productive start to the day. It blends perfectly with a banana and chocolate milk. 
(Bonus) NYC Born and Brewed
RISE Brewing Co’s roots are urban. Although the high-quality, sustainably farmed beans are from Peru, all the brewing began in New York City. If you love the energy of the city, you’ll love RISE. They do their part in supplying NYC and beyond with an extra buzz to get through their day. Now it’s your time to RISE and GRIND!
 RISE Brewing Co Brooklyn Half Marathon
These Notes on Nitro are brought to you by team member: Thomas Martin

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