Why you should kickstart your workout with coffee

Whether you are a pro athlete, fitness junkie or just love to stay active, everyone strives to go into exercising feeling their best so that they can crush their workout.
While memories of Gatorade-fueled childhood soccer games might compel you to reach for an energy drink whenever you work out, there is a new sports drink on the RISE. Devoted coffee drinkers, you’re in luck: your daily cup of joe can provide exactly what you need to take your workout to the next level. Even if coffee isn’t already a part of your daily routine, you can still experience benefits from sipping on coffee prior to exercising.
Next time you work out, try drinking one of RISE Brewing Co’s Nitro Cold Brews an hour before. The caffeine acts as a natural stimulant, kickstarting your central nervous system so that you feel energized for the workout that is about to begin.
Coffee is an ideal choice for endurance athletes, too. Caffeine prompts your body to use fat stores (rather than muscle glycogen) as fuel, meaning you can work out longer without experiencing as much muscle fatigue. This shift to fat burning increases your metabolism and allows your body to burn more fat during your workout.
Coffee is also a great way to sharpen your mind when you play a sport in which strategy is key. As anyone who can’t quite focus until they’ve had their first cup of coffee can attest, caffeine improves your memory and concentration. When I finally get around to challenging my dad to a game of squash, I’ll be sure to drink a RISE Brewing Co. Oat Milk Latte beforehand so that I can play as strategically as possible.
As a college student, coffee is a lifeblood for me and many of my peers, whether that means catching up with a busy friend over lattes or drinking a cold brew to stay awake during a particularly long study session.
On top of schoolwork, many of my fellow students are athletes. Last semester, a volleyball player in my morning writing class always showed up with an iced latte in hand. Her days started early; she had to wake up before class for 6:30 a.m. weightlifting sessions at the gym. RISE Brewing Co. is a perfect choice for early-risers who are working out and drinking their coffee before eating breakfast. Without the acidity that is characteristic of many coffees, RISE nitro coffee is comfortable to drink even on an empty stomach.
So far I’ve focused on the benefits of drinking coffee pre-workout, but coffee can also be an excellent recovery drink. I wonder if my volleyball-playing classmate knew that her iced latte did more than keep her alert for a full day of classes; drinking up to two cups of coffee around workout time can greatly reduce post-workout muscle soreness.
With RISE Brewing Co, swapping your normal workout drink for coffee doesn’t mean sacrificing a variety of flavors. If you’re a fan of chocolatey protein shakes, try a RISE Oat Milk Mocha instead. When you are getting ready for the big game or recovering from a particularly grueling workout, you can’t go wrong with the Original Black Nitro Cold Brew; with 180mg of caffeine, it has the most out of all the RISE beverages.
Whatever flavor you choose, whatever sport you play, the roar of nitrogen unleashed when you open a can of RISE will remind of the power and energy you can harness when you add coffee to your workout routine.
Written by guest contributor: Caroline Grogan

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