By Senter Johnson 
“Be quiet and give me a minute!” “Hurry up and get ready!” I’d sometimes yell my kids these words in the morning, as I’d drink my hot coffee that was heavy on milk and sugar. I was a roadblock to a productive and positive start to the day for my spouse and kids. Eventually, I realized that the hot brewed coffee with ample milk and sugar made me feel physically poor and put my day on a negative mental and dietary path. I knew I had to change my morning routine and the choices I was making.
Organic, non-GMO RISE nitro cold brew coffee Original Black in a glass with father and kids
I did some research and came up with a plan to provide me with energy and focus in the mornings. I was going to show my family by my choices that you wake up and get moving towards a positive outcome. After all, the more good choices you add on top of each other, the harder it is for the things you cannot control to knock you off track. My new plan would be to give my daughter a piggyback ride down the stairs every morning and drink RISE nitro cold brew coffee.
My daughter loves her piggyback rides. After that, when I crack open a can of RISE nitro cold brew, my kids hear the can’s growl and know I'm about to fuel up on a healthy drink. They know this because I told them I am choosing to drink a healthy caffeinated beverage that makes me feel good and starts my body and mind off on a good path. The nitrogen in RISE cascades through the beverage and gives it a natural sweetness that lets me skip the sugar and remain lactose-free. Now I don't have to be a hypocrite when I tell my kids not to use too much syrup because that kind of diet won't allow them to feel good or make good choices.
RISE Brewing Co. caps with father and kids
Parents, you control what your young children have access to in those crucial morning moments when they get moving in one direction or the other. Giving them the wrong ingredients can set them on the wrong path for the day. If you give a kid a breakfast full of sugar, you may have him unable to pay attention to his teachers, hungry and unfocused throughout the day, exhausted by the time he gets home, and irritable and difficult all evening. The same applies to us as parents if we start the day with an acidic coffee filled with sugar and dairy, spend the next hour with an irritable stomach, reach for a donut, take a nap during lunch, feel stressed about how inefficient we are, and lay awake at night.
But when I start with my organic non-GMO nitro cold brew coffee of choice, RISE Original Black, I have no excuses to eat a high fructose breakfast or cut corners and make unfocused, lazy choices later in the day. I am pointing myself in a positive direction to make good choices that will provide tangible improvements for my family as well as keep me away from a downward mental spiral, lazy shortcuts, and a poor diet.
Organic, non-GMO RISE Brewing Co. nitro cold brew coffee Original Black in a can fuels your day
My mornings need to be positive for myself and my kids. Children watch the choices of their parents. Be a leader, be kind, and focus on what you can control as well as how you react to the things you cannot. My kids see me start each day by drinking RISE nitro cold brew coffee, stretching, and doing at least a minute of exercise. I am choosing to be healthy and focused. My next decisions will build upon this start. Fuel your mind and your kids’ minds too.
I stress "make good choices" to my kids. A positive, healthy start to the morning is the first choice of the day. Drinking a nitro cold brew coffee is a positive first step as you build choice by choice throughout the day.

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