I heard a line that struck a chord with me as I sat down in the snow, speaking with Ashley Allen, entrepreneur and owner of Pure Barre (Greenwich, CT). Ashley told me that our conversation reminded her of her first visit to Greenwich as a college student in Boston. The first time she visited Greenwich, she actually got stuck in town due to the snow. At that moment, she told herself that one day she would open a business in Greenwich. Sure enough, that’s exactly what she did upon graduating.
Organic, non-GMO RISE nitro cold brew coffee in a can in front of Pure Barre, fueling athletes and workouts
Ashley stumbled upon RISE Brewing Co. late at night scrolling her social media, while reading about our partnership with Half Full Brewery for a nitro beer and coffee launch. She made it her goal the next day to track us down and start serving our nitro cold brew coffee at her fitness studio. “I love partnering with locally owned business -- I love the local vibe,” adds Ashley.
"Our 5:45 AM class is full of RISE nitro cold brew fans because it gives us that extra motivation in our workout. In fact we have one customer who picks up two cans of RISE coffee every morning -- one for herself and one to take home to her husband to help give him that extra fuel to start his day," shares Ashley.
RISE Brewing Co. nitro cold brew coffee in a can fuels exercise at Pure Barre
Not all coffees can sit well in your stomach during a workout -- but because of our cold brewing process, RISE is low in acidity -- allowing it to be more gentle to your system.
"I'm not usually a black coffee drinker," says Ashley, "but with RISE I don't need to add any sugar or cream as it already has a creaminess and sweetness to it with nothing added." She laughs as she professes to be a new coffee connoisseur, saying, "You know I can taste those chocolatey notes."
Can of organic, non-GMO RISE nitro cold brew coffee fuels workout of Pure Barre instructor and athlete
"We love selling it in our studio. Our clients and community here at Pure Barre rely on the fact that they don't have to go anywhere before or after a workout. We want to make their daily routine as easy as possible. Each day at Pure Barre you make a commitment to challenge yourself -- you never plateau in your workout," says Ashley.
We’d like to thank Ashley for her time to sit with us and tell us about the moment that inspired her to launch her own business. We’re excited to be able to serve Pure Barre and its customers as they fuel their day.
Are you a RISE nitro cold brew coffee drinker? Get in touch and let us know how it fits into your routine.
You can learn more about Pure Barre Greenwich at:
Instagram: @pbgreenwich
Twitter: @PBGreenwich
These Notes on Nitro brought to you by team member: Mia Perovetz

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