What is Nitro Cold Brew Coffee?

Nitro cold brew is cold brew coffee that is infused with nitrogen, similar to a stout beer. It provides a rich, creamy texture that creates a refreshingly-smooth, latte-like experience without adding extra fat, sugar or calories.

Can I try it first?

Yes! We love to do complimentary tastings with organizations & offices -- it’s a great way to get your teams excited about RISE nitro cold brew coffee and provide them with a boost of energy to keep them charged throughout the day. Contact us to set up a free tasting!

What products does RISE Brewing Co. sell?

We sell nitro cold brew coffee in a variety of formats (cans, kegs and bag-in-box) and flavors (Original Black, Oat Milk Latte, Mocha Latte and Classic Latte). We brew all our products with high quality, organic ingredients. All our flavors come in cans, and our Original Black also comes in a keg format that can fit into a kegerator or a tap line. Our flagship, award-winning Original Black is our best seller, followed by our line of lattes all brewed with organic beans from Chanchamayo, Peru.

Do you also have any retail locations?

Yes! We currently operate cafes in New York City and Portland. We love to use alternative spaces and partner with other brands – our first was a window walk-up in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Please send us tips if you know of any spaces we should check out!

Should the RISE kegs be refrigerated?

Yes, our kegs must be refrigerated. Thankfully, nitrogen acts as a natural preservative. So as long as the kegs are kept cold, they have a shelf life of 5+ months. RISE Nitro Cold Brew Coffee kegs are best enjoyed cold -- straight from the draft, over ice, or with your choice of milk -- it’s entirely up to you!

Should I buy RISE Brewing Co products directly from you?

You definitely can -- online you can find us on our website and on Amazon. In person, you can find us at Kroger, Whole Foods, and Safeway locations across the country. Check out our Store Locator for where to find RISE, or reach out to us and we’ll work with you to determine what makes the most sense. If you only want RISE Nitro Cold Brew cans, you can easily sign up for a subscription through our website. If you want our kegs, in your office we can set you up in: New York City, Connecticut, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco / Bay Area, and Boston.

What do I need for RISE Brewing Co Nitro Cold Brew kegs on tap?

There are two primary options: setting up a free-standing kegerator unit or plugging the kegs into an existing tap line (don’t forget that our product requires a stout tap to pour well!).

Offices most often prefer a RISE Nitro kegerator unit, and we can set you up with everything you need from the unit to the nitrogen gas. These kegerators are on wheels and can be moved around easily -- most offices prefer to put them in or near their kitchen areas, but there are some hard-working teams who prefer them right near their desks!

Restaurants sometimes ask for the freestanding kegerator units, but often also can just plug RISE into their existing tap system to have coffee on draft alongside their beers on draft.

Where can I find RISE Brewing Co Nitro Cold Brew Coffee today?

You can order RISE Nitro Cold Brew for your home or office directly through our website anywhere inside the continental US -- and you can order through Amazon. We’re proud to be in major retailers like Whole Foods, Kroger, Walmart and Safeway -- click here to search by zip code.

What size kegs do you provide?

We offer three keg sizes in the New York and Connecticut areas. Outside of those areas, our sixth barrel is the primary size available -- up to 3 sixth barrels can fit inside a single kegerator unit.

Keg Size Size 6oz Servings
Sixth Barrel 5.16 gallons 110
Quarter Barrels 7.75 gallons 165
Half Barrels 15.5 gallons 330
How do I reorder, and how often?

When your coffee gets low, we can replenish quickly! But, most offices prefer to get on a regular reordering schedule so that they never forget, and they never run out of their coffee kegs. 

Why is our RISE Nitro Cold Brew keg always empty?

It is most likely that your gas line is turned off or your demand is outpacing your supply! Check out this troubleshooting document -- or, have the person in charge of your keg ordering contact us. In the meantime, you can order some cans to tide you over and keep your team happy!

How long will it take to get my RISE Nitro Cold Brew keg or kegerator set up?

From start to finish in our main geographical regions, it usually takes about 1 to 2 weeks to figure it all out with you! Once you’re set up, you’ll have nitro cold brew coffee on tap for whenever you want.

We want our RISE Nitro Cold Brew Coffee keg now!

We’re sure our distributor partners are working quickly! While you wait for your first order, we can provide cases of RISE Nitro Cold Brew Coffee with free shipping at a special discounted price. Contact us to get your team or clients caffeinated.

Do you ship internationally?

At this point, we don’t ship internationally outside of the USA for direct orders to individual customers via our website. If you are a wholesale distributor or retailer outside of the USA, please contact us. You can also look for RISE Nitro Cold Brew Coffee on shelves in Canada at partners like Whole Foods Market.

What is a nitro cold brew coffee keg?

A RISE Nitro Coffee keg is cold brew coffee that is infused with nitrogen, and served on draft similar to a stout beer. It provides a rich, creamy texture that creates a refreshingly smooth, latte-like experience without adding extra fat, sugar or calories.

What if I want to set up my own Nitro system, or I already have one?

If you are an office with a kegerator or a restaurant with a tap line -- our Sanke kegs can easily connect into your system. We would also like to ensure you’re set up with a nitro tap faucet so you get a great nitro cold brew cascade pour. If you do not have the proper ‘Nitro Set-Up’, we can help convert your system.

Is there such a thing as HOT cold brew nitro coffee on tap?

Not only is there such a thing, but we have engineered this for our pop-up store in Manhattan and for some special large events!

Is your coffee 100% nut free?

Yes we are nut free, there are no tree nuts in our brewing facility nor the facility that packages our coffee. RISE nitro cold brew coffee 100% nut free in all flavors.

Do you have any feedback regarding products, design or packaging?

Reach out! We are constantly striving to do better and be better and love hearing feedback :) We certainly take all suggestions into consideration when developing new products and packaging. (We love to hear from you when you love our product, too!)

Are your products Gluten Free?

Our Original Black and Classic Latte are Gluten Free. For our oat milk products, we use only gluten-free oats. However, our products are produced in a facility that may contain gluten.

Why is there sugar in the Oat Milk lattes and tetra packs?

To achieve a smooth and creamy oat milk, we process our oats in order to allow them to fully mix into water which results in additional sugars being created.

A more scientific explanation is: some additional sugars are created in the hydrolysis of organic oat flour. Hydrolysis is a natural process that breaks apart a bigger molecule in combination with water into smaller molecules -- it allows our organic oat flour to break down enough to mix well with water and make a smooth, creamy organic oat milk.

Why is there “added sugar” in the Oat Milk lattes and tetra packs?

The FDA recently changed the regulations as to what qualifies as “added sugars” on nutritional labels. Hydrolysis of oats now has to be declared as “added sugars” because it creates sugar in the process of breaking down the oats.

Why do other dairy products have no “added sugars” if they also go through hydrolysis, but your oat milk does?

Great question -- those sugars are also present in dairy milks, as sugar is created through the enzymatic hydrolysis of dairy products -- but according to FDA regulations, they do not have to declare it as “added sugars” on the label. So, dairy milk options frequently have just as much sugar or more as non-dairy milk options do -- they are just labeled differently.

Is your coffee Certified Kosher?

Our kegs are certified Kosher but our cans are not yet certified kosher, (we're working on it!)

Should I buy RISE directly from you, or through a grocery store, or through a distributor?

Either works, though we love to support our grocery and distribution partners when we can! Reach out to us and we’ll work with you to determine what makes most sense. You can find RISE near you on our Store Locator, shop on our website, The most important thing is that you get our products when and where you need them to keep you fueled throughout your day.

What do I need to sell RISE Nitro Cold Brew on tap?

There are two primary options: setting up a free-standing kegerator unit, or plugging the kegs into an existing tap line. For the kegerator, you’ll need a stout tap, a nitrogen tank, and access to a regular electrical outlet. These kegerators are on wheels and can be moved around easily. Or, our kegs are Sanke kegs, and can fit into most regular tap lines -- they require a stout tap and 100% nitrogen gas (beer gas isn't recommended). In many markets, we can help connect you with kegerators and advise on installing the tap lines, so please reach out and we'll help get you the answers you need.

Can you ship kegs internationally?

We currently do not typically ship kegs internationally, as they require refrigeration. However, please feel free to reach out if this is still something you want to explore. Meanwhile, our cans are available in Canada through Amazon and select retailers such as Whole Foods. And, for large orders, we are happy to explore international can shipments to new markets.

Where can I find RISE Nitro Cold Brew Coffee today?

Direct orders through our website can ship throughout the continental US, typically within five business days. Our distributor partners are in the Northeast, the Pacific Northwest, California and Florida. We’re also available through UNFI and KeHE. We’re proud to be in major retailers like Whole Foods, Walmart, Kroger and Safeway and key accounts such as ESPN, CAA, Facebook and the clubhouses of a growing roster of professional sports teams.

How does the Subscription Program work?

Here is how it works:

  1. Choose your coffee -- pick any or all of our flavors
  2. We ship it -- we’ll typically ship it within 24 hours
  3. You enjoy -- crack a RISE open to fuel pure joy
How does an Office Subscription work?

You choose kegs, cans or both. For kegs, we provide everything you need, and then you’ll work with us and your distribution partners to determine how much you need and how frequently, and then we’ll help provide everything you need!. For cans, they’ll arrive on the schedule you choose when you sign up for a subscription. You can store them in the pantry or fridge -- just make sure to chill them before consuming!

What is a RISE Brewing Co. Nitro tea latte?

It is a cold steeped tea infused with nitrogen to celebrate the flavor, and enhanced with our Oat Milk. Smooth, creamy and delicious.

What is a RISE London Fog?

It is made from steeped Earl Grey black tea enhanced by the bright flavor of Bergamot oranges. A staple in the British culture with the RISE Nitro twist.

What is Oat Milk?

A mixture of organic oats, sunflower oil, water and sea salt. It’s the perfect alternative to dairy and nut-based milks.

Why Organic?

All our products are made with fresh, organic ingredients because we care about what we put into our bodies and care about what you put in yours. We are committed to creating the best-tasting products without adding harmful chemicals or preservatives.

Why is there a weight on the bottom of the can?

That is actually the widget at the bottom of the can that holds the nitrogen!

What is the deal with the widget in the can?

The widget absorbs tiny nitrogen during the canning process that are released when you open the can, creating a frothy cascade.

Why does it make a sound when it opens?

To replicate the draft experience of nitrogen-infused cold brew coffee from a keg (where you see a cascade of nitrogen escaping into the air) we added a widget that contains liquid nitrogen into every can. When opened, the nitrogen is released into the coffee right when you are ready to drink. The nitrogen bubbles rise to the top to create the cascade you see when you pour it into a glass. It also creates a unique sound which we like to call the ROAR. Let the frothy cascade rise to the top and enjoy!

Can I shake my can before opening?

There is no need to shake our cans, we have a widget in the bottom of each can that holds the nitrogen. Once you pop the top, it releases the nitro and creates a creamy cascade and our signature ROAR!

Will it explode when I open it?

No, it won’t explode but you will hear the ROAR of the nitro being released into the cold brew once you pop the top. It does make a big noise but not to worry -- you’ll get used to it, and start connecting it with the moment that fuels your day.

Is your coffee soy free?

Yes it is soy-free. Our products do not contain soy.

Do you guys have merch?

Yes we do have a line of RISE merch! Check it out here. Hats, shirts, hoodies and more.

How good are your products after the expiration date?

We recommend enjoying our products before the expiration date because that’s when they taste the best.

Do you make decaf?

We don’t make decaf (yet!), and cold brew naturally has higher amounts of caffeine. However, most decaf coffees contain around 20mg of caffeine, equivalent to the amount of caffeine in our London Fog Earl Grey Oat Milk Tea Latte.

My shipment has not come in, who can I contact?

Reach out to us and we will gladly check your order status.

I would like to collaborate with you, do you have an affiliate program?

Yes, we do have an affiliate program -- click here to apply! We also offer you & your friends/followers a discount code to help incentivize purchase.

I would like to work with you as an influencer, who can I contact?

You can send us a DM on Instagram, reach out to us on our Contact Us page, or send an email to hello@risebrewingco.com.

I am a brand that would like to partner with you, who can I contact?

Please reach out to us on our Contact Us page or contact us at hello@risebrewigco.com

Do you ever think about making a larger size can?

We continue to think of ways to improve. For now we just offer the current size, however you can always pour 2 cans in the same glass (a bunch of our team loves making Black & Tans to start their days)

Are the oats you use gluten free?

Our Oat Milk products are made with naturally gluten-free Oats. However, our processing facility is not certified gluten-free so our products may contain trace amounts of gluten

Why do you use sunflower oil in the Oat Milk Lattes and Oat Milk Mocha Lattes?

Sunflower oil provides great taste and creamy texture to our organic Oat Milk. We worked hard to develop the perfect recipe for our oat milk and the addition of sunflower oil was a huge component.

How long do they last in the fridge? Outside of the fridge?

Our nitro coffee cans are shelf stable, last up to a year, and can be stored unrefrigerated! So, they can be stored in the pantry or refrigerator -- just make sure to enjoy by the best-by date on the bottom of the can.

Where do you source your coffee beans from?

We source our beans at high altitude from the mountains of Chanchamayo, Peru. After much research and testing we believe these are the best beans in the world, hands down.

Are all your products vegan?

All our products are vegan with the exception of our Classic Latte, which is made with organic dairy milk.

Where is your brewery?

We launched in Brooklyn, NY and built out a brewery in Stamford, Connecticut (right next to where many of our co-founders grew up!). While we continue to expand throughout the world, RISE Brewing Co will always have our roots in the Northeast.

What is your refund/return policy?

We strive to maintain the highest possible customer service. If you ever have an issue, feel free to reach out to us.

How do I get RISE to sponsor my event?

Send us a DM on Instagram, reach out to us on our Contact Us page ,or contact us at hello@risebrewigco.com

Do you have a wholesale program?

Yes we do. We work with partners all over the country to provide our nitro cold brew cans, dispensers, kegs, and Bag-in-Box products. Please fill out the contact us form on our wholesale page.

How long does shipping take?

Our products are usually shipped out in 1-2 business days, and then need some time for shipping. You can usually expect to see them in 2-5 business days.

Will RISE sample at my gym/studio?

Absolutely, we love fueling athletes. Send us a DM on Instagram, reach out to us on our Contact Us page ,or contact us at hello@risebrewigco.com

Will RISE Brewing Co. sample at my office?

Yes! We love to do complimentary tastings with offices -- it’s a great way to get your teams excited about RISE nitro cold brew and provide them with a boost of energy to keep them charged throughout the day. Contact us to set up a free tasting.

Do you have any recipes I can make with RISE?

We have tons of recipes and are always working on more! Check out the recipe section on our site -- and keep checking back as we are always adding new ideas. If you’re interested in writing recipes for RISE Brewing Co, send us a DM on Instagram, reach out to us on our Contact Us page, or contact us at hello@risebrewigco.com

Do you do large orders or have a corporate gifting program?

Yes we do! Maybe you want to send your customers, clients or employees good energy. We can help with that. We offer bulk discounts. Contact us for more information or email hello@risebrewingco.com (they go to the same place!)

Do you work with companies on employer sponsored work from home programs?

We do! More and more of your team may be working from home these days. And you want to keep them fueled, focused and take care of them just like you do at the office. We can help. Contact us for more information and we can customize a program for your needs and budget.

What is a referral program?

Great question. This is a way for you to help us spread the word about RISE Brewing Co. by word of mouth! When you share RISE with your friends and network you also give them a $10 coupon for their first purchase on risebrewingco,com and once they make a purchase you also get $10! Not a bad day in the neighborhood at all. Check out the RISE Brewing Co Referral Program here.