The evidence of coffee’s health benefits has been growing steadily in recent years. This has been driven by numerous positive studies and research from scientists looking to unlock the mysteries of everyone’s favorite beverage.
At the same time the ketogenic, or keto, diet has also exploded in popularity over the past few years. Keto is a diet that involves dramatically cutting down on carbohydrate intake and replacing it with fat, the goal of which is to put the body into something called ketosis. Ketosis is a metabolic state that happens when the body lacks the required carbohydrates to burn for fuel, and resorts to burning fat instead.
The keto diet also benefits from studies showing that it has numerous other health benefits, from diabetes treatment to reducing seizures in epileptic children.
Incorporating coffee into a keto diet, it seems, means you can enjoy a delicious beverage in the morning but also add its health benefits to the varied advantages of the keto diet.
Ketogenic Coffee
So can you drink coffee on a keto diet?
Yes! Coffee can be the perfect partner to your keto diet, keeping you alert and motivated as you aim for ketosis. Black coffee contains zero carbohydrates, which makes it very keto-friendly, as well as zero calories and all the caffeine-related health benefits you can handle.
Of course, if you’re anything like us then you prefer your coffee ice cold and nitrogenated. Well you’re in luck, because nitro cold brew is also keto-approved! And, as an added bonus, cold brew contains more caffeine to keep you going through those carb-less days.
So drinking coffee on a keto diet is authorized—but is there a way for coffee to actively assist with ketosis?
You can try “bulletproof coffee”—that’s coffee plus MCT (medium chain triglycerides) oil and butter, which claims to kick-start ketosis and fill you up in the morning—but be warned that not everyone is on board with the health claims surrounding the trend (and in fact, keto itself has its critics).
For those looking for a caffeine fix but who harbor reservations about adding butter to coffee, the keto diet also encourages you to replace your half and half with heavy cream. This will give your morning cup an extra dose of the fat that the keto diet requires while avoiding the extremes of butter coffee.
Is oat milk keto friendly?
Because of its relatively high carbohydrate count, oat milk isn’t recommended for those on a keto diet. You’re better off sticking with black coffee, or else adding heavy cream to make your coffee keto, and save a can of nitro oat milk latte for a cheat day.
Until then, crack open a can of our Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Original Black and keep the keto times going.

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