What is a Nitro Cold Brew Cascade?

We get asked this a lot. It’s a bit of a science question so we’ll try not to get too chemistry textbook on it.
A Nitro cascade is the product of infusing our coffee with Nitrogen. In the stout beer world it’s a process called “conditioning with nitrogen”. After we cold-brew RISE we infuse it with nitrogen and then the nitrogen becomes pressurized inside of our kegs and cans. Once you open a can or pour a draft of RISE, the nitrogen bubbles rise to the top of any container they’re in. Technically, 78% of the Earth atmosphere is Nitrogen, so the tiny bubbles are just trying to “go home”, but as Nitrogen rises to the top of the can/glass it catches on to and basically mates with all the coffee flavor which creates a cool-looking cascade and a frothy head. Nitrogen bubbles are also much smaller than CO2 bubbles, so nitrogen makes RISE nitro cold brew coffee taste creamy and refreshingly smooth.