When the global pandemic hit, we all were asking the same questions: How should I react? What do we do now? How can we help?
We still feel like a small team / family / company at RISE, and our #1 resource is our nitro cold brew coffee, so our first thought was to try to figure out how to get more coffee to the people who could use the fuel to fight -- and have focused on getting the word (and coffee!) out to healthcare and emergency response workers on the frontlines.
The men and women on the frontlines of the fight against this virus are unselfishly working long hours and multiple shifts to help save lives. Their efforts in this battle deserve all of our support in any way possible. Some much-needed caffeine and good energy is our way of doing that.
We had been working with a bunch of these organizations already, had a ton of people reaching out to us (friends, family, and fans) -- and in addition, our field marketing team dove in to searching out more organizations in the hardest hit areas. 
For every can we sell on our website, we donate a can in the form of care packages to hospitals, EMS, shelters and other healthcare and emergency establishments. And the response by our customers has been incredible.
So know that when you’re enjoying a RISE Nitro Cold Brew Coffee, someone who needs it the most is doing the same. Thank you all for your support. 
If you know of a team or organization that could use a nitro coffee boost, please reach out to hello@risebrewingco.com (it goes directly to one of our teammates, who will get it to the right person depending on where that organization is located!) -- we’d love to help!

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