Give us a brief introduction to you -- where you come from, etc?
My name is Alex Aust, I am a professional lacrosse player based in Baltimore, MD. Gold medalist, Under Armour athlete and a health and fitness instructor.
Tell us more about what you do in your work?
I play professional lacrosse for the WPLL and own my own lacrosse company. We run camps, clinics, tournaments all over the country. I play and coach the game I love.
How did you end up doing what you do?
I played lacrosse at the University of Maryland and once I graduated could not imagine my life without the sport. I now dedicate my time to playing and coaching those who want to play at the highest level. I am a competition feign and crave training towards something bigger than myself.
Tell us about some of your earlier challenges
I’ve been cut from teams and lost in the National Championship game multiple times. I’ve learned so much from each of those experiences that did not go the way I’d hope.
Biggest challenge about starting out in what you do?
There are not many female professional lacrosse players who do this solely for a living so I did not have a road map or anyone to “look up to” when exploring my options. I have had to learn from other business owners and professional athletes and do it my own way.
What has surprised you most about your work?
How empowering and inspiring everyone is in the female athlete space. We are all used to being competitive athletes, so to have such collaboration in the female athlete space is really awesome.
What do you wish other people knew about your work or your brand?
That you can do and be it all! You do not have to put yourself into a category or niche. You are allowed to be passionate about multiple things and work hard to do them well.
What might someone be surprised to know about you?
I am quite the introvert. Especially in super big crowds of people, I prefer alone time to recharge.
Do you have any advice for entrepreneurs or up-and-coming folks looking to get into your space?
Follow your gut and launch it. You can always pivot and adjust but If you are passionate about something go after it. Sometimes “following your gut” seems vague but if it gives you butterflies or a physical reaction then go for it!

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