Students Can't Run on Adrenaline & Motivation Alone
College: long nights, early mornings, and countless hours in the library, whether your time is spent preparing for that last-minute final thesis paper or reaching graduation — college takes a gruesome toll on every student. Staying awake after trudging through four classes, endless homework, and other lofty assignments is a serious challenge!
College students need energy throughout the day, but often turn to inadequate forms such as Red Bull's, Monster's, Rockstar's, and even caffeine tablets. Most coffee from the dining hall isn’t strong enough to keep students going, so they turn to more harmful beverages. These drinks are in no way healthy and are loaded with artificial flavoring and sugar. In other words, they’re counterproductive and lead to serious physical and mental health issues.

How I Started My Day
I would start each morning with a K-Cup and this watered-down form of brew just didn’t do the trick. By lunchtime, I would be on my second or third cup of coffee! And if I was scrambling to get a project done, I resorted to another cup of coffee at risk of a sleepless night. If I craved more coffee, I'd consumed anything from lattes and cappuccinos to shots of espresso. Sometimes these drinks weren’t stimulating enough; other times they kept me up for way too long. No matter how you slice it, I wasn’t energized or satisfied with my caffeine intake!

RISE: The College Student’s New Best Friend
College students rely on coffee to get them through their worst days, especially come final exam week. But now it's time to spread the news - students’ endless search for natural sources of caffeine is finally over! RISE is low in calories and is an all-natural source of caffeine, offering great taste, variety, and healthy ingredients!

The product comes prepared in cans, so it's easy for students to throw one in their backpacks and keep on chugging along. You also don’t have to worry about running out - RISE is easy to purchase in bulk, offers free shipping, and you can even subscribe so you can set it and forget it! If you’re feeling crazy, you can purchase a keg of RISE cold brew and attach it to a Keg-er-rator! It’s an easy switch – one RISE has one and a half times more caffeine than traditional coffee!

What Are You Waiting For?
In sum, I strongly encourage any student to check out the RISE website. I personally recommend their Oat Milk and Mocha Lattes - they have the perfect ratio of sweetness to bitterness, without the aftertaste energy drinks often leave behind. So, try RISE and see the difference for yourself, you won’t be disappointed!
By Jameson Scarsella

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