Preparing for NYFW
When preparing for NYFW, we knew RISE would play a large role in our survival of the action-packed week ahead. We made certain to stock our refrigerator with a hefty supply! RISE wasn’t an option but a necessity in order to speak about our business in an upbeat and concise manner. When you’re tired, an explanation may not come across the way you’d like it to and that couldn’t happen! Each morning that the alarm went off, we were excited to jump out of bed and crack open a can of RISE (despite our exhaustion from the nights prior)!
This year's NYFW calendar was shortened, so this meant everything was back-to-back (we traveled from Brooklyn to UES to Downtown and back uptown, etc.). We needed to be “on” for each appointment- tired simply didn’t fit into our schedule and RISE gave us that much-needed boost of energy!

NYFW in a Nutshell
During NYFW, we traveled from runway show to presentation to appointment - stopping just long enough to go back to our apartment. Once we got to our apartment, we changed at record speed for the evening events and grabbed a RISE. It's a challenge to stay focused when there’s so much is going on! RISE helped us to think clearly, stay alert and at the top of our game. That was super important because each year we meet and see so many people, it can be hard to remember who everyone is and what they do.
Another reason we love RISE is because it doesn’t have the crash effect that some other coffee drinks have. It tastes like a milkshake, but thank goodness, it is a healthy one!! We have Type-A personalities, and the acid in coffee can sometimes make us feel nauseous, but not with RISE!!! We are so excited about it that we frequently tell others they HAVE to try it! We are devoted to clean eating, and don’t like added sugars or ingredients we cannot pronounce, which is why we are so thankful RISE gives us a delicious coffee option.
Once the fashion show ends, everyone jumps up and heads directly to the next show. Unless you have RISE on your side, the entire week can feel like such a blur. We had the best time during NYFW attending shows, meeting new people, and discussing partnerships! NYFW was a very important week and great success for The Style That Binds Us!

The Style That Binds Us
We are the mother daughter duo behind The Style That Binds Us! Alison is a personal wardrobe stylist and Delia (formerly on the buying team at Barneys New York), is a brand consultant. We have a lifestyle platform, YouTube channel, podcast & host events - our mission to inspire, inform, and entertain! We created a fashion ecosystem to connect designers to our audience. We have an inside to the fashion & art world, which were formerly exclusive. We want to bring you with us to learn about the latest & greatest tips and tricks! More importantly, we certainly can’t keep all of this information to ourselves!!! 
By Alison and Delia  

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