Camping the RISE Nitro Brewing Co. Way
Camping is a great adventure, whether you’re pitching a tent, driving a caravan, or getting cozy in a cabin. Check out our handy guide to sleeping under the stars, living off the grid, and having a trip you’ll never forget— the RISE Brewing Co. way.
Pick the Right Spot
First thing’s first— time to choose your camping spot! Read up on the popular places to set up camp in your area— and double-check that it’s an appropriate season for you to be sleeping out there. 
Map out Logistics
Once you’ve chosen where to go, it’s time to make a real plan. If you’re traveling with another person, or a group, it’s a good idea to get a group chat going. Before you leave for your trip, be sure to...
1. Arrange your Transportation
If you’re taking a car, make sure it’s up to date and filled with gas. If you’re taking a train or bus, book your tickets and make sure you know how to find your site from there. If you’re biking, hiking, canoeing, read ahead to see how long your trek will be— plan so you arrive before nightfall, and keep a map that isn’t WiFi dependent.
2. Check the Weather
We’re not necessarily suggesting that you cancel a trip over a bad forecast, but when living outdoors, it’s important to know what you’re up against.  
3. Confirm a Campsite
If you’re staying at a campground or area that requires bookings, be sure to reserve your spot in advance! If you’re camping in the wild, do your research, so you know exactly where you’ll be going when you arrive to set up camp. (Internet forums are great for this, as is the WikiCamps app.)
4. Plan your Meals
It’s common to plan most vacations around food, but for a camping trip, it’s essential. Though some campgrounds have vending machines or small tuckshops, many are barebones— and don’t have a nearby restaurant or grocery store. Pretty much, if you want to eat or drink anything, you’ll need to bring it with you.
How Are you Cooking During Your Trip?
1. Campfire Cooking
Cast Iron skillet in hand, there’s nothing you can’t make over a campfire. We’ve made pizza, bread, casseroles, and even cake over a campfire. We recommend planning your exact menu, so you can pack exactly the ingredients that you need. 
2. Portable Gas Stove
If building a fire isn’t in your plan, you can still have hot food with a portable stove. This is great for cooking easy meals, like pasta or canned soup. 
3. Public or Portable Barbecue
If you have a barbecue, a nice piece of meat and a grand array of veggies are all you need for a nice hot meal. It’s also possible to cook things like eggs and toast on a grill. 
4. No Cooking, Please!
There’s no need for a hot meal while you’re camping! If you prefer not to cook, sandwich or salad ingredients, a few tins of tuna and beans, and some protein bars can suit you just fine. 
 Get Packing
What else are you bringing? If you don't quite know yet, we have a checklist for you! 
1. Accommodation
Tent or Camper
Rain cover (for tents)
2. Sleeping Materials
Sleeping bag
Sleeping mat (if using a tent)
Earplugs and eye masks (unless you prefer waking at the crack of dawn)
3. Toiletries
Dental care
Hand sanitizer
Toilet paper (if not staying on a site with bins)
Spade (this is for using the bathroom outside if your site doesn’t have one.)
Bug spray
4. Food and Drinks
A cooler with ingredients
Snacks for hikes and excursions
Plenty of water
Cans of RISE Brewing Co. Nitro Cold Brew for morning coffee or evening treats
Appropriate Clothing
Bathing suit
Hiking boots
Be Respectful 
After your camping trip is over, be sure to leave your site exactly as you found it, if not cleaner. 
Spruce up your next outdoor adventure with a can of RISE Brewing Co. Cold Brew Coffee, which is available in stores across the country— or order your favorite flavors online and receive FREE shipping anywhere across the USA on order $65 of more! If you’re having a hard time deciding on just one variety, order one of our famous variety packs and try them all! 
By Gabrielle Vernon Melzer

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