Coffee, Your Secret Ingredient 
Coffee lovers are generally well aware of their beloved bean’s proclivity for shining in desserts and sweet treats. From sumptuous tiramisu, to classic coffee ice cream to delicate macarons, to soaked overnight oats, to fastidiously piped espresso eclairs, coffee is a star ingredient in the world of the sweet-toothed. However, when it comes to savory cooking, coffee doesn’t get very much airtime— and we think that’s a shame. After all, it has a rich, complex flavor that benefits several ingredients and recipes.

Here at RISE Nitro Brewing Co., we live and breathe coffee culture— so it’s natural that we have a few java-based recipes up our sleeve. We’re ready to let you in on those secrets.

1. Try it as a Dry Rub
Lots of cooks create mouthwatering meat by creating a dry rub which futures ground coffee beans. Beef, chicken, and pork especially lend themselves well to this treatment— a coffee-based rub goes beautifully on a rack of ribs, brisket, wings, or even chops, steaks, or tenderloins.

2. Sub it out for Stout
Do you love making hearty recipes that call for a stout, like stews or meat pies? Try subbing your beer out for a can of nitro cold brew— it’ll add a beautiful color and depth of flavor— and unlike stout, you don’t need to be 21 to buy it!

3. Make a Richer Chili
Everyone has their preferred method for making a tasty pot of chili, from dark chocolate to light beer. Can you guess what ours is? (Hint: it’s coffee.)

4. Give your Stews Extra Color
The robust depth of strong coffee is the perfect addition to a wintry stew or ultra-savory pasta sauce, like a Bolognese or ragu.

5. Use it as a Marinade
The acidity of coffee makes it an excellent tenderizer— try using it as a marinade for cuts of beef! You’ll be amazed by how silky it makes the meat, once cooked.
6. Deglaze a Pan with It
If you’re making a stew, a carnivorous dish like meatballs, or have to sear items before slow cooking them, your pan is likely covered in golden bits of tastiness. Often, cooks pour the liquid into the pan and scrape those bits up before adding the savory liquid to the dish or use it to make a sauce. This process is called deglazing, and generally, it uses wine, beer, or stock. We urge you to try this with leftover coffee!

7. Step up your Barbecue Game
Have you ever seen somebody pour a beer over the grill while they barbecue? It’s impressive and results in a delicious meal. A freshly popped can of nitro cold brew will have the same effect— and more flavor.
8. Make a Tasty Gravy
Next time you find yourself making a gravy to go with your meal, swap the broth out for coffee. It will enhance the savory flavors, give more body, and add a rich color.

9. Amp Up your Fried Rice
Soy and gluten allergies can make cooking stir-fries and other wok dishes a bit tricky. Coffee, though different in flavor, will lend a similar color and texture to what you’re making. For a “free-from” stir fry, we recommend making a “stir fry sauce” of coffee, coconut aminos (for the salty flavor,) sesame oil, chili paste, and a tiny pinch of brown sugar.
10. Make Unforgettable Bacon
The world loves bacon. At RISE Brewing Co., we love rubbing it with a combination of spices, brown sugar, and pulverized instant coffee granules before putting them on a wire rack over a baking tray and popping them into the oven. Y U M.

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By Gabrielle Vernon Melzer

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