Ready to RISE and Grind at your office? Here’s how. To set up a keg of RISE you either need to install a draft line or purchase a portable Kegerator. To install a draft line you need a professional service (we can help you with that.) To purchase a Kegerator, you can find a lot of great options on sites like Beverage Factory. Just make sure you purchase all the appropriate gear to serve a nitrogen product, such as a tap line, a stout faucet and a nitrogen tank and gas guage. To maintain your kegerator or gas line, you need to
1) Make sure you have enough RISE in the Keg,
2) Make sure you have enough Nitrogen Gas in the gas tank and
3) make sure you clean your tap line or kegerator once a week (depending on usage).
Other than that, just make sure the tap faucet isn’t clogged and the gas is on and your RISE will be flowing. It’s pretty simple and we’re here to make it happen. Our Nitro Cold Brew Coffee will help you and your team RISE all day long!

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