We heard you have some shopping to do. Holiday gift buying is fun, but it’s also pretty intense. The pressure of choosing the right gift is hard enough, and then there’s the added stress of dealing with crowds, figuring out clothing sizes, and paying jacked up prices. Our gift to you? We’re taking some of the headache out of the process. Check out our foodie gift guide for a smoother windup to the holiday season. 
The Perfect Gift For…
Your Parents
Ever since they’ve retired, your folks have become world travelers and keen cooks. Whether their next destination is the city streets of Paris to the beaches of Bali, spice up their trip by booking them into a local cooking class for the day. Bonus? They’ll probably cook what they learned the next time you come for dinner.
Your PartnerRise-Coffee-Season-Gifts-Foodie-Couple-Gifts-Cooking
Are you planning to propose this holiday season? We have an idea. Surprise your partner by recreating the dishes and atmosphere from a special date or night in your own home. When the time is right, you can pop the question.
Your BestieRise-Coffee-Season-Gifts-Foodie-Pizza-Baking-Bestie-Best-Friend
The two of you have tried every pizza place in town— how about bringing it to you? A ceramic pizza stone is a fantastic gift for your pie-loving pal. It’ll help them to make the perfect pizza every time— and it can also be used to make excellent bread. 
Your Sibling
Give your oldest friend the gift of nostalgia by curating a basket of candies, snacks, and products that you enjoyed together when you were children. It’s a thoughtful and fun gift that will cause plenty of laughs and shared memories together. 
The KidsRise-Coffee-Season-Gifts-Foodie-Children-Gifts-Cookbook
If you have a child in your life, you probably want to get them a present for the holidays, whether they’re your own little ones, your nieces and nephews, or the kids you nanny for. How about an easy-to-follow, kid-friendly cookbook? It nurtures an early love and comfortability with cooking that will serve them well after their childhood. The recipes are fun, engaging, and safe for kids to enjoy— and are generally healthy and taste great.
The Family Newcomer
You haven’t actually met them yet, but your cousin’s new partner seems pretty cool from the photos. According to social media, they’re an avid coffee drinker and maybe a vegan— so Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Vegan Variety Pack will be a perfectly thoughtful gift. Just tell them that your cuz tipped you off, so you seem like a stalker. 
Your “Work Wife”Rise-Coffee-Season-Gifts-Foodie-Gift-Work-Life
Your favorite coworker and you have seen each other through thick and thin— and that’s often meant snapping each other out of a bad or tired mood, railing against the horrible office coffee, and going for adventures on your lunch breaks. 
To thank them for the many ibuprofens, shared snacks, and “want anything from the cafe?” texts they’ve given you this year, give them a workplace secret weapon: the Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Variety Pack. Just make sure nobody nicks them from the office fridge.

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