A Little Bit About Me
It wouldn’t be fair of me to dive into a recipe without giving you a little background on myself first. I’m a crafty bartender in NYC and only serving only the finest and most innovative drinks at a restaurant and bar in the East Village. Just like many people in NYC I have a unique background, to say the least! I’m from Tennessee and have a degree in communications and public relations. You must be dying to know how that experience transferred to becoming a craft bartender on the lower east side for almost a decade – I would be curious too!
When I was pursuing a career as a fashion stylist I came to realize that it wasn’t fulfilling nor allowing me to make a difference. Since that time, I’ve been in the hospitality industry for about nine years. Thank goodness I finally found that being behind the bar was where I could make a real difference. I believe in serving people, not just serving drinks. I love combining my modern style with all of the classic flavors that we’ve grown to love. I enjoy serving people flavors and concoctions they didn’t even know existed.

Fallin' For Oats 
Fall and oats are not synonymous terms for many people. It was very important for me to understand that before planning the big reveal of my recipe. So when I thought about oats, I wanted to showcase the natural flavor and feeling of oats. Like many of you, my favorite kind of dessert is anything that reminds me of breakfast. The combination of bitters (Cunard, fernet) with grapefruit cancels out the bitterness and you can understand the true flavors of everything. Add an egg in there and it softens up the whole drink. For all of the pumpkin spice latte enthusiasts, I have great news for you! If you only drink pumpkin spice lattes in the fall, then you’ll love my latest drink.

Fall & Oats Recipe 
1oz RISE Nitro Brewing Co. Oat Milk Latte
1.5oz Whiskey
.5oz Cynar
.5oz Grapefruit Juice
.25oz Fernet
.5oz Cinnamon Syrup
Egg White
Prepare your tastebuds for the perfect fall drink that shows how the RISE Nitro Brewing Co. Oat Milk Latte makes all of the difference in the world. 
By Gabriel Pfaffenbach

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