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It feels like just yesterday, we were stirring oat milk into our own masala chai blend and watching the leaves fall. Now, we’re humming “Jingle Bells” whilst on the lookout for snow. The holiday season is here!
If you’re throwing a festive bash this December, you probably have a few party ideas up your sleeve, but need a few more to round things out. Check out our handy guide to throwing a killer holiday party, RISE style. 
The Invites
The holiday season is a busy time— and some of your friends may have a pretty full calendar of parties, events, and out of town trips. If you want to make sure that your party actually has guests, be sure to give your invitees enough to notice to plan their attendance in advance. 
The DecorationsRise-Holiday-Decorations-Christmas-Season-Festive-Party-Guide-Coffee
What is your holiday style? Do you prefer the elegance of a simple black, white and gold palate? Or, are classic multicolored lights and retro cartoon reindeers more your thing? Have a scroll through your favorite social platform— Pinterest is helpful here— and see what jumps out at you. Maybe you’ll end up knitting a cute little mistletoe, maybe you’ll hang candy canes— the choice is yours.
The Dress Code
What’s the vibe of this party? Do you want everybody to wear a knitted holiday-themed sweater? Or is an elegant black and silver look more of your thing? Be sure to communicate this with your guests— nobody wants to show up to a black tie event in a Santa onesie.
The NibblesRise-Holiday-Season-Cheese-Food-Festive-Party-Guide-Coffee-Bread-Dinner
What sort of food do you plan to serve at your party?
If you’re serving a sit-down dinner, it’s important to plan in advance. You’ll need a headcount, a detailed shopping list, and a schedule of how you’ll execute everything on the day. It may sound like a lot of work, but trust us, it’s worth it. Nobody wants that dreaded moment where their doorbell rings before they’ve even preheated the oven. By mapping it out, you’ll be impressively prepared and coolheaded when your friends arrive and dinner is served.
If you’re doing hot horderves or small apps, it’s helpful to decide what order you’d like to serve things, and plan in advance when to heat them up. It can help to set timers on your phone. That way, you can hang out with your guests without worrying about the food— you’ll just feel a buzz in your pocket and know it’s time to pull out the baked brie. 
Host game on point. 
The TipplesRise-Holiday-Eggnog-Season-Festive-Party-Guide-Coffee-Cocktail
If you’re making a signature cocktail, it’s helpful to invest in a few large jugs or drink dispensers. Or, if you have a specific head-count, it’s a fun idea to make and chill their drinks in cocktail glasses for a special welcome.
If guests aren’t bringing their own drinks, you can make a little bar of some affordable bubbles, wine, beer, nitro cold brew, and sparkling water and/or soda. 
A couple cocktail ideas:
Gift Bags and GoodnightsRise-Holiday-Gifts-Christmas-Season-Festive-Party-Guide-Coffee
When your guests leave, it’s thoughtful to send them with a little token of your appreciation.  If you’ve done a white elephant or similar type of gift exchange at your party, then you’re already set— everybody is leaving with a prezzie.
If you want to send your friends home with something specifically from you, there are lots of things you can do. Handmade, edible gifts are great here— this can mean anything from gingerbread cookies to small bottled versions of the coffee cocktails that you served. 
Have fun and happy holidays!

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