Okay, I really don’t know if I’m Irish since I haven’t done the 23 and Me thing. But St. Patrick’s Day is almost here (one of my favorite holidays) and I do like being kissed so what the heck, there must be a little Irish in my genes. 
Why do I love St Patrick’s Day?  A few reasons.
I like the color green. I’ve even considered getting green contact lenses. Leprechauns are funny, especially when they dance. The parades are awesome. I get to annoy my co-workers with my bad Irish accent (try it, it’s fun). And here’s my favorite part--Irish Coffee.
Every other day of the year you take your coffee with maybe a little cream, maybe some sugar, maybe cinnamon, whatever. But on St Pat’s Day it’s more than acceptable to say, “let’s put some whiskey into that cup.”
And let the shenanigans (which just so happens to sound Irish) begin.
There are a lot of recipes for Irish Coffee. But here’s the one that makes others green with envy.
So that’s how you kick off St. Patrick’s Day. And for the record, not a bad way to kick off any Saturday or Sunday. But please sip responsibly. And wear green unless you just like getting pinched.

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