Give us a brief introduction -- where you come from, etc?
Well for starters, I’m from and grew up in North Haven, Connecticut; just north of New Haven, CT. Go figure. I played soccer my whole life, and because my parents breed and show Flat-Coated Retrievers and English Cocker Spaniels, we always had no less than 6 dogs (and as many as 21 dogs/puppies) at any one time - and litters of puppies almost every summer! I went to school at the University of Connecticut and after graduating in 2012, I spent a few years at W.B. Mason, as well as a couple other sales jobs before joining RISE in the Fall of 2018.
Tell us more about what you do at RISE Brewing Co
Officially, my title is Area Sales Manager - New England, but to keep it simple, I’m part of the sales team here at RISE Brewing Co, and more specifically, I work with a selection of distributors, manage several retail locations where RISE is sold, and help facilitate the acquisition of RISE-branded equipment, like a kegerator, to professional offices, delis/markets, or even CrossFit and Rock Climbing Gyms, for example.
Any awesome events?
LOCKN’ Festival 2019 with Jarrett, Justin, Grant, and a few other friends. That was just one event RISE Brewing Co supported in a summer that also included Governors Ball Music Festival, which was also crazy in itself, by the way, when the monsoon totally wiped everyone out on the last day!! Those that were there will never forget - Good times!
What has surprised you most about your work with RISE?
Originally, what surprised me the most was how much everyone truly LOVED RISE. I was used to coming from sales jobs where you really had to sell your product or service, and it was inspiring early on to see the reception you’d get when most people would sample the RISE products and have genuinely positive feedback. After a while, it started to become normal to see those reactions, and now I almost take it for granted sometimes, but it truly is incredible to see the level of enjoyment people get from the different RISE products whether they’re a fan of just the original black nitro cold brew coffee, or they prefer one of the lattes.
What is your favorite RISE Brewing Co flavor?
Ok -- some non-coffee questions! What’s your favorite line from any song lyrics?
Hmm. Tough question, but I’d have to say I’ve always gravitated to the lyric: “And on this flight, may I never lose sight” - J.Cole
To me, it’s always meant keeping an eye on the bigger picture, no matter what. There will be a lot of things thrown at you throughout your life, and they won’t always be positive, but you have to stay focused on the goal at hand and everything else will work itself out.
What’s something you wish you had invented and why?
I wish I invented Amazon or Facebook, because then I’d be super rich! Haha no, but for real, I always thought it would be cool to invent something super random that tons of people buy for seemingly no reason; like a Tamagotchi, a Chia Pet, or that Scrub Daddy sponge (I guess has a purpose.)
If you could have played any other sport, which one would it be?
I think Hockey. My Father was a hockey player and I’ve always enjoyed the fast pace and aggressive nature of the sport. That and/or Darts. Maybe I can still be a professional darts player. Keep an eye out for me on the pro tour!
Where’s your happy place?
I really like to be outdoors. I enjoy hiking with one or two of the dogs locally at Sleeping Giant, or visiting friends in Vermont, Maine, and Colorado.
Thank you so much! Anything else you want to share?
I just wanted to say it’s been a pleasure to be on this journey with everyone here at RISE Brewing Co, and while the past (almost) couple years have been awesome, I’m really looking forward to what’s to come as we progress into the Summer of 2020 and with new flavors on the horizon !
RISE and Grind,
Eric Anderson

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