1. What’s your favorite breakfast?

a. A homemade granola bar, a banana, or yogurt

b. A smoothie bowl with lots of fruit (and a sneaky bit of kale)

c. Pancakes or waffles with maple syrup

d. A bowl of cereal with berries

e. Smashed avocado on toast with black sea salt


2. What was the best thing you did this summer

a. A traveling adventure

b. Attended three-day music festival

c. Fell in love

d. Went to the beach

e. Started a new creative project with friends


3. What’s your ideal date?

a. A city break— ideally with some hiking thrown in

b. Partner yoga

c. An outdoor cinema and a picnic

d. Dinner at a place you’ve been dying to try

e. Cooking together at home


4. If you could travel anywhere, where would it be?

a. Machu Picchu

b. Bali

c. Paris

d. London

e. Tokyo


5. Biggest pet peeve?

a. Being badly dressed for weather

b. Littering

c. Long meetings

d. Weak handshakes or hugs

e. “Dogspeak” on social media


6. Favorite animal?

a. Specifically, my dog.

b. Cats, big or small

c. Bears

d. Horses and ponies

e. Elephants


7. What are you currently binge-watching?

a. An intense, sci-fi type show

b. A non-fiction nature documentary series

c. A heartstring-tugging drama

d. I’m re-watching my favorite 90s sitcom

e. A web series about a niche cultural event


8. What’s your favorite way to spend a Friday night?

a. Having an adventure

b. A relaxing bubble bath, a good book, and my favorite music

c. Seeing a play with friends

d. Date night!

e. Attending an underground art show


The Results Are In…

All A’s: You’re a reliable person, and you’re always down for an adventure. You appreciate high quality experiences, and live life with a minimalist approach. You’re going to love the smooth, creamy flavor of RISE Original Black, which, by the way, is free of sugar and dairy.

All B’s: Some people describe you as a hippie, but you’re much more than that— you’re caring, conscientious, and empathetic, too. You’ll love our Oat Milk, which has a creamier texture than your typical dairy alternative— and is far more sustainable to produce. 

All C’s: You’re a fun, lively person who enjoys the sweeter things in life— and what’s sweeter than a nice cold Oat Milk Mocha? It features our signature nitro cold brew, along with velvety chocolate (from organic cacao!) and organic oat milk, all in a convenient can. 

All D’s: You love watching black and white movies, reading books written before you were born, and you avoid falling in with fads. In short, you’re a traditionalist— and a Classic Latte will suit you just fine.

All E’s: You trendsetter. You always have your fingers on the pulse of the latest trends, you have hundreds of followers on social, and you probably already knew about our Oat Milk Lattesand love them.  

Mix of All: Can’t decide? RISE Nitro Cold Brew products are also available as a Variety Pack— and shipping is free within the US.

By: Gabrielle Vernon Melzer RISE-Nitro-Full-Lineup-Cans

RISE Nitro Cold Brew started with a goal

To create high quality, sustainable cold brew products that are custom to each consumer’s hectic lifestyle. At RISE, we believe our fans and customers help shape our products, not of sell our products. We’ve developed a delicious selection of organic, GMO-free nitro cold brew products, as well as our own line of oat milk— and we’re just getting started. 


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