Let’s be honest, one of the highlights of a full day of skiing or snowboarding is hitting a lodge or bar for a coffee or cocktail and a bite to eat sharing stories with friends about how you tore it up on the black diamonds. It’s called Apres Ski which is French for “after ski.” It’s just tradition.
Well this ski season, those days of gathering indoors next to a roaring fire are over. Bummer, right? Not so fast, shredders. Let’s improvise, shall we?  Let’s move the Apres Ski to the parking lot. Not exactly the same cozy environment but you can make it work.
The night before your day on the slopes, start prepping. Cold finger foods, RISE Nitro Cold-Brewed coffees and oat milk lattes, beer, etc.  Oh, and you gotta have Schnapps, that’s ski tradition, too.
Put it all in your trunk or the back of your SUV and you’re ready for that after ski party. Ordinarily it’s not advisable to leave food and drinks in your vehicle all day but in cold temps it’s basically a four-wheel refrigerator so you’re all good. 
Then, when everyone is ready to pack it in and head home, you invite them to your parking lot lodge. Maybe give it a name. “Barry’s Bunny Hill Bar” or “Mogul Mandy’s” it’s a nice touch. Chairs and fire pit are optional depending on how much room you have, but music is a must. Fire up that 6-speaker Toyota Forerunner sound system and crank your playlist.
After-all, we all need an after-ski lift ticket.

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