So, non-dairy milk-alternatives have been around for years. Nut milk, soy milk, even things like hemp milk. All have their pros and cons. For instance, nut milks aren’t doing our planet any favors. The amount of water it takes to grow a single almond is nuts. Get it? Nuts? Anyway.
What if there were a deliciously creamy, and healthier, chocolate chip cookie chaser? Something with more fiber and protein to pour on your cornflakes? Well, there is...
After a long journey to perfect the taste and source the finest organic oats, they certainly made it worth the wait.
RISE Brewing Co. Organic Oat Milk offers more fiber, protein, fewer calories and less saturated fat. Carbs derived from fiber as opposed to fat, like most nut milks contain. Plus, things like vitamin D and B, calcium and other essentials your body needs.
So, what do you have to lose, besides all the bad stuff? Try RISE Organic Oat Milk by the ice-cold glass and in everything you’d normally use milk. Put it in your pancake and muffin mixes. Add it to your soups and casseroles. Use it in lattes, coffees and smoothies. Mix it in with your mashed potatoes. We can go on and on, but you get the idea.
Your body will thank you; your taste buds will thank you. 

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