It's cold brew season all year long for us.
With National Cold Brew Day on Monday, we are wondering if there is an official season to when it is "acceptable" to drink cold coffee. That being said, we asked our Area Sales Manager of NYC, Tom what he thinks.
Is cold brew season even a thing?
I believe there is a direct connection between the weather and the preferred temperature/brew style of one’s coffee. Research backs up the theory that seasonality contributes to shifts in buying patterns
That said, I don’t think there’s technically a “cold brew season” because there are so many variables that affect someone’s coffee temperature choice. While certainly there’s something to be said about cozying up with a hot cup of coffee on a cold winter morning or sipping on a cool cold brew in the summer heat, who is to say the weather dictates what we really enjoy? While I tried to stay neutral for the sake of this blog, the reality is that we at RISE believe there is no cold-brew season because our coffee and lattes are refreshing and satisfying all year long.
Enjoy cold brew all year long
Let me start off by confirming that I like a hot cup of joe as much as the next person. My first cup of hot cold brew, though? It completely flipped my coffee world upside down. The hot coffee lovers aren’t going anywhere nor should they. But what they may not realize, though, is that there’s a better tasting, better-for-you alternative in cold brew coffee. I get it, though. The word “cold” in the name suggests that’s how you should drink it But not so fast. A heated RISE Nitro Cold Brew Coffee is just as good hot. And here’s a simple recipe to prove that cold brew can be enjoyed all year long
While you may not have access to a high-tech flash heater like the one at RISE Brewing Co.’s cafe, or even a professional steamer, here’s what you can do at home with some RISE if you just need a hot cup of coffee to soothe the soul with the less acidic and boosted caffeine benefits of cold brew:
Sauce-pan hot brew
  • Heat the cold brew on medium low heat until it starts to steam
    • Add coconut oil/mct oil, cinnamon, your choice of milk, etc.
    • (Most of the time, I drink it black)
    • Add frothed milk to your hot brew for an amplified latte
Why Ready-to-Drink (RTD) cold brew is the best
This is why RISE recreated the draft experience in a can. The same frothy, creamy cascade of nitrogen-infusion, the same smooth texture and slightly sweet taste but ready to go wherever and whenever you need to RISE and Grind. 

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