By Lindsay Potter
Three months ago, I dropped dairy like it was HOT. Let me explain. 
Dairy and I have never really been friends. I love all things dairy – cream, butter, and cheese… oh cheese. But dairy doesn’t love me back, not one bit. I had all but cut dairy from my diet except for cheese (because cheese is delicious in my opinion) and cream in my daily coffee, but I knew something needed to change because I never felt good after eating cheese or drinking coffee with cream. The only challenge was that nothing could replace my morning hot coffee…until I started working at RISE a few months ago.
RISE Brewing Co. organic, non-GMO nitro cold brew coffee Original Black in a can and in a glass with creamy cascade
Since trying RISE, I have transitioned from a daily habit of 2-3 cups of hot coffee with cream to 1-2 cups of RISE, and I drink it black – which is saying something, because I never liked hot black coffee, as hard as I tried. To feel a difference in my health, I realized that I had to drop all dairy from my diet, including cheese. Since starting my new routine, the difference in my health and energy level has been astounding.
Here are a few general factoids on dairy:
  • Roughly 75% of the world’s population is genetically unable to properly digest milk and other dairy products. 75%!
  • The main carb in dairy is lactose, a milk sugar that is made up of the two simple sugars, glucose and galactose. When we are babies, our bodies produce an enzyme called lactase that breaks down lactose. As we age, many of us lose that ability and become what is commonly known as lactose intolerant.
  • Dairy consumption is linked to increased acne and other skin issues.
Lindsay Potter with RISE Brewing Co. Original Black nitro cold brew coffee and merchandise
I am not expert, but I do maintain a healthy, well-balanced diet, and know that dairy makes me feel crappy. Since I dropped it, my skin has not had the random dryness that it was getting and my joints feel less tight when I ride my bike or go for a run. Small shifts in habits can lead to big changes in life.

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