Whether you’re running a growing business or find yourself overwhelmed with professional projects at home, we all know that a hefty dose of coffee keeps your mind sharp and those productive wheels churning. While your typical brewed pot of joe may be a daily routine - isn’t it time you switched it up and tried something new? 
If you’re in need of a caffeine fix that will keep you energized, alert and ready to go - then, you need to swap the tired coffee mug for a bubbling can of RISE's nitrogen cold brew. 
Here at RISE Brewing Co., we want to make it easy for you to step out of your comfort zone. That’s why we started our service of customizable coffee subscriptions. Delicious beverages - packaged, shipped and delivered right to your door. 
Who Needs a Subscription Coffee Service? 
In the past, a coffee subscription was more likely reserved for large corporations and businesses who needed coffee on demand and in the office for their employees. Yet, more recently, the coffee subscription scene has experienced immense expansion and diversification. 
Quality coffee service is no longer an exclusive workplace amenity. Now, it’s the perfect option for anyone’s daily household beverage needs. Coffee has left the cubicle to reach coffee drinkers everywhere. 
So, the answer to who needs a subscription coffee service? Anyone who wants coffee conveniently delivered to their home or place of work on a regular basis. 
We all know the hassle of buying coffee. No matter how often you make a coffee run, it seems as though you’re always running low. In fact, you probably find yourself going back and forth to the grocery store more times than you could imagine. 
So, since we’re fully aware that coffee is the holy grail, dire necessity in your life - why not refill your cup on autopilot? Although you may be new to the coffee subscription scene, there’s no need to stress. Here’s how Rise is making it easy for you to get your daily caffeine fix. 
How Does RISE Brewing Co.'s Coffee Subscription Work?
Our coffee subscription is super simple,, here’s how it works:
  1. Choose Your Coffee: You can pick any or all of our flavors
  2. We Ship Your Package: Our coffee will be shipped with 24 hours
  3. You Receive Your Package: Open it with excitement, crack a RISE nitro cold brew open and let the pure joy ensue
If that isn’t the definition of hassle free coffee, then we don’t know what is. 
And, the best part about your subscription service? It’s completely customizable. Pick your coffee and select how often you’d like your coffee delivered. It’s convenient and easy to use. And, you’ll never have to run frantically to the store in your pajamas to stock up on coffee again. 
Shorter Subscriptions
Here are the coffee subscription options we offer at Rise. The following beverages can be delivered in increments of either 14 days, 30 days or 60 days: 
Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Original Black (12 pack): $31.49 plus shipping
Nitro Cold Brew Oat Milk Latte (12 pack): $31.49 plus shipping
Nitro Cold Brew Oat Milk Mocha (12 pack): $31.49 plus shipping
Nitro Cold Brew Classic Latte (12 pack): $31.49 plus shipping
Nitro Cold Brew Variety Pack (12 pack): $34.99 plus shipping
  • The variety pack allows you to sample four of the nitro cold brew flavors - Original Black, Oat Milk, Classic Latte and Mocha Latte)
Longer Subscriptions
Additionally, if you want RISE on monthly repeat - you can also sign up for a longer subscription. We currently offer our Nitro Cold Brew in its Original Black flavor for 3, 6 or 12 month subscription options. 
3 month subscription is a 12 pack per month and the total cost is $104.97 plus shipping
6 month subscription is a 12 pack per month and the total cost is $209.94 plus shipping
12 month subscription is a 12 pack per month and the total cost is $419.88 plus shipping
For Larger Businesses & Events: Try A Cold Brew Keg
If you’re looking for a more cost effective subscription option for your business or event, Rise also supplies cold brew kegs. Yes, you heard it right, you can now drink in style with cold brew on tap. 
If you’re a business or hosting an event, wedding or party - our kegs are easy to install and we can provide kegerator equipment to those without draft lines.
To see if our cold brew kegs are right for you, just send us a message here and we can discuss options to meet your coffee needs.  
Never Worry About Your Coffee Supply Again
So, there you have it - cold brew made easy. Deliciously made, packaged and shipped right to your home or office door. With flexible, customizable options - you’re guaranteed to find a coffee subscription that fits your beverage schedule. 
And, if you have business or event you’re hosting - you can easily set up one of our cold brew kegs for RISE Nitro Cold Brew Coffee on tap. 
No matter where you work or live, RISE is available nationwide. So, stop worrying about that empty coffee pot and get your day started with a tailored made coffee service subscription from RISE Brewing Co. 

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