In the simplest terms, to feel our best and perform at our best we need to have positive inputs and export the negative. This works both mentally and physically. To center ourselves we do mindfulness exercises, focusing on inhaling positive energy and exhaling negative energy. To gain the rewards of a sense of accomplishment, we outline small achievable tasks that we can take on and accomplish in a short period of time. Instead of just viewing anxiety-inducing big picture goals that are unattainable in the short term, we plan and put together small accomplishments over an extended period of time to achieve our big picture goals.

Exercise is a topic that merely thinking about induces stress, insecurity, and guilt for many people. We all know the mental and physical benefits of exercise: endorphin release, lower cholesterol, and a stronger body, to name a few.

The first step of working out is to mentally commit to it, and that's tough to do, especially when we feel tired and when the last thing we want to do is spend our limited free time working out. I drink RISE Nitro Cold Brew Coffee to give me a clean, caffeine-induced energy boost and focus that won’t quickly fade and make me crash during my workouts, as a sugary energy drink or snack would. The low acidity in RISE doesn't affect my stomach like a regular hot coffee would, allowing me to drink one as I start my workout before switching to water. Most importantly, I don’t have an easy excuse to skip it when I am predictably not feeling very athletic with a hot cup of coffee in my stomach.

Give yourself a chance to gain the positive boost of exercise by starting your day with a quick and achievable routine. Before you do anything, grab a RISE Nitro Cold Brew Coffee and do 20 jumping jacks, 5 push-ups, and 5 sit-ups. At worst you’ll get your heart rate up and will get your body moving. And maybe you’ll decide to keep going and add to the exercise. You don’t have to join a gym, run a marathon, or commit to a life-changing workout routine to make exercise worthwhile. Almost all of us can get our heart rate up and run out of breath in no time – that is better than nothing and will lead to longer, more rewarding workouts more often than not.

Don’t get overwhelmed by thinking you need to end up looking like a bodybuilder or Instagram model to justify working out. The small benefits of having a few minutes of exercise before you really start your day to focus on work, family, and other daily stressors is reason enough. Take the physical benefits as a bonus. Enjoy some time rewarding yourself by checking off some things on your to-do list each morning instead of feeling guilty that you didn’t exercise. Last but not least, you’ll be happy to fuel your body and mind with RISE Nitro Cold Brew Coffee.
By Senter Johnson
Man fueling his body with RISE Coffee in hand before starting workout | RISE Brewing Co.

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