We love it when our fans in RISE Nation get creative with cocktails. Here’s one that sounds awesome. She calls it The Foggy Morning using what else but our new London Fog: Nitro Earl Grey Tea Oat Milk Latte. Pretty clever name, too. We can think of a lot of occasions for the concoction—brunch, before dinner drink, after dinner drink, lounging by the pool and the list goes. And you probably already have everything you need whip one up. Give a try and see a Foggy Morning will make your day.
  • 1 Can of RISE London Fog
  • 1 Shot of Kahlua
  • 1 Shot of Grand Marnier
  • Top with Orange zest 
  • I'd recommend a light stir to incorporate the ingredients but not to break the texture of the nitro drink.
Recipe & Photos by: @sometimessubtle 

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