Hands down the Fall season is my favorite time of the year. The weather’s getting cooler, the leaves are changing, the holidays are just around the corner and the sound of a crackling fire. But one of my favorite things about Fall is the fond memories of my grandma’s apple pie. She’d make several and I would sit in the kitchen and just stare them why they cooled on the countertop. It was unbearable torture waiting and waiting and waiting for grandma to give us the green light to dig in. And boy did we.

Now, I can’t bake a pie to save my life (trust me, I’ve tried). So, I created something that I hope will be a Fall favorite with my family. An Apple Pie Spice coffee. Took me a few tries but I think I got it dialed in to perfection. So, here’s the simple recipe.

Apple Pie Spice

I’m hoping it becomes a traditional Fall drink around my house and when my grandkids visit, they’ll say “Grammy (that’s the name I’ve given myself for my future grandchildren) can you make your Apple Pie Spice coffee?”

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