By Mia Perovetz
RISE Nitro Cold Brew Coffee fuels moms throughout their day
Picture this: it’s 6 AM...
You’ve been playing musical beds since 11 PM. Why you thought it was a good idea to stay up binging on "This Is Us" until 11 is beyond you at this point. But when you do finally climb into bed and doze off into dreamland, you are abruptly awoken by what sounds like a circus seal in the room next door. A circus seal, you ask? A.k.a. a 3-year-old with croup, I say. This begins your night, or day at this point. Steam, cold air, steam. Finally, she falls asleep soundly. You retreat to your bed, and now your husband – who is completely unaware that you’ve just performed some pretty major ninja tricks – rolls over and wants to snuggle. It’s 2 AM. You know that alarm will buzz no matter what come 6 AM. You give in for a minute of snuggling, wait till he drifts back to sleep. You begin to settle back again, only to then be nudged gently by a little voice. Now, it’s your five-year-old. “Mommy, I had a bad dream.” You scoot over – you know this drill, no words needed. Now your five-year-old begins his nervous tick of scratching the same place on your back for the tenth night in a row. As he drifts off, he makes sure to kick you nicely in the stomach with a lovely punch in the face – it’s 5:15 AM but he’s settled. Now time for you!
Buzzzzz. It’s 6 AM.
You’re shuffling around your kitchen hair into a messy bun, too tired to reach for your glasses. You open your refrigerator to start the dreaded lunch prep. The smell of cold cuts can really throw your morning off – but then you see it. The metaphorical sun is rising in a moment of glory... Rays pierce through the clutter of the fridge and come from a recognizable, bright logo. I cherish it in all its splendor: RISE Nitro Cold Brew Coffee.
RISE nitro cold brew coffee -- organic, non-GMO, sustainably-sourced beverage in a can -- in 3 flavors: Original Black, Lemonade, and Blood Orange
I crack open the can and hear the crisp growl as the widget unleashes a burst of nitrogen, giving RISE its frothy texture. And then I take that glorious first sip. This is the singular, paramount moment of my morning routine. It says, “I am ready for the day.”
RISE nitro cold brew coffee -- organic, non-GMO, sustainably-sourced beverage in a can and in a glass -- on a farm
This clean, pure organic beverage gives me sustainable energy, unlike other coffees which give me a nasty, edgy, and quick rush of energy, then leave me with a crashing headache by mid-morning, making it tough to get anything done. This is an even plateau – steady and natural. Even when I get into the dieting fads of cleansing and detox, I don’t judge myself for still wanting to sip on RISE as I feel good about this organic source of energy without preservatives.
Baby with RISE Nitro Cold Brew Coffee hat on the beach
So no doubt I’m in for another sleepless night, but somehow the silver lining always awaits me in the fridge the next morning. And if I don’t have time to rush to the supermarket to buy more cans, the folks at RISE have me covered with the launch of their new e-commerce site, which also features their blog, Notes on Nitro. As the RISE team says, “Fuel your mind with organic, sustainably-sourced coffee, delivered to your door.”

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