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Excellent flavor. So enjoyable.

John MacLean
My favorite vegan mocha

I’ve tried a few brands that are *sometimes available locally. This is by far my favorite. Other ones were either had a chemical taste, or had off flavored chocolate and/or oily consistency. This was selling out at my grocer and had been out of stock for several months. I emailed RISE and as of yesterday it appears they have the 7oz back in the cooler. But since then I had ordered 48 - 10oz cans, because I liked it so much. Definitely 5 Stars! My only concern is if the can is actually recyclable due to the plastic nitro pod inside? And both size cans seem to be just shy of the advertised fluid ounce quantities. Again, could it be due to the pod?


Should’ve gotten the 7oz cans… not enough nitro in the 10oz. Oh well, you live, you learn, right? Next time…

Michael Jauregui

Really good balance of sweet, chocolate and coffee

Great mocha coffee, but what is the white cup inside the can?

Great mocha coffee, but what is the white cup inside the can? It is an inverted cup attached to the inside bottom....

Just wanted to let you know that is the widget in the can that holds the nitro! Once you pop the top, the nitro is released into the coffee and that is what creates our signature ROAR!