Nutritional Facts for RISE Nitro Cold Brew Original Black

We often get asked “why nitrogen for cold brew,” when we’re sharing our nitrogen-infused cold brew coffee. As other beverage categories enter the nitrogen-infused beverage world (including the recent news from Pepsi announcing the launch of its new nitrogen infused soda -- which had folks from the lifestyle world to the Food and Beverage industry world freaking out), we wanted to share more. 
Since our founding in 2014, we believe that nitrogen has the ability to transform how beverages are consumed. Infusing gas into beverages is not new. In fact, the first carbonated water was created in 1767 by Joseph Priestly.  Adding CO2 to a beverage gives it lighter, more refreshing characteristics but does little to enhance the flavor.  Unfortunately, this led to the sweetening of these beverages in the early 1820's with syrups and sugars.  The consequences that followed were 200 years of very high levels of sugar consumption.
Our original quest was to create a better-for-you and better tasting coffee beverage.  The magic behind this is nitrogen. It gives beverages a sweet and creamy feel without additional ingredients -- only organic nitrogen molecules. One of the secrets is that nitrogen molecules are very tightly formed -- each molecule comprises two nitrogen atoms joined in a virtually inseparable covalent bond.  This leads to smaller bubbles. The result is the velvety texture picked up by the tongue's filiform papillae receptors. Interestingly, these receptors play no other role than to determine texture of what one consumes. Often overlooked, texture can be equally important to taste on one's palate.  
RISE Brewing Co Cold Brew coffee nitrogen infused
We feel that we are still in the early 1800's when it comes to the future of nitrogen in beverages and food!  It is rare but every so often an ingredient comes about that is better tasting, better for you, better for the environment, and more economical to use.  When that happens there is no telling how far it will go. Our nitro cold brew coffee is just part of the beginning. 
Adding nitrogen to our coffee gives it a creamy taste and textured feel, without sacrificing our high bar for using only the healthiest and best ingredients we can find.
We love our nitro cold brew coffee -- and hope you do, too.


These Notes on Nitro brought to you by team member Grant Gyesky

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