I've been a musician all my life, but within the past couple of years I've begun to think I'm finally on the rise. I've experienced so much on the road traveling from city to city, playing in the US and Europe, opening for veteran acts like Heart, The Pretenders and Joan Jett and more modern acts like Black Pistol Fire, Catfish & The Bottlemen, and The Struts. When someone says it takes 10,000 hours of hard work and practice to start seeing results, they're not wrong. It not only takes practice, it takes dedication, strength, thick skin, and determination.

I started playing guitar and drums at the age of five but didn't start professionally pursuing a career in music until I was about 20. I wrote songs in high school to cope with the normal struggles of being a teenager, and continued writing into college, when I self-released a record. From there, I started getting booked to play shows around my hometown of Austin, TX and I haven't stopped. After 9 years of professionally touring locally, nationally and finally internationally, my favorite part about being a musician is still playing live. Before shows I definitely need a boost in energy, and RISE coffee gives me that kick to get into a performance headspace. It's important to give as much energy as you can to the crowd to make your shows memorable. You never know how a show can affect someone's life, or lead them down a certain path to maybe pursue their own creative outlets.

RISE coffee offers that positive energy before the most exciting moments, but also keeps me going when I get tired of the grind of being a career musician. I've achieved a lot as an emerging artist. Career highlights include releasing a signature Epiphone Sheraton guitar, touring with Joan Jett, and playing alongside Peter Frampton and Billy Gibbons.  I've toured with tons of great bands from around the world. But I notice myself constantly wanting to be better, achieve even more and keep going for as long as I can. I definitely have moments where I feel like giving up, but sometimes the best opportunities happen immediately following a breakdown. My story is unique in a lot of ways - from my struggle and recovery from alcohol addiction, to coming out as gay to my friends and family in college, to being a female guitar player and artist in a hyper male-dominated industry. It's been a very bumpy ride, but those tough moments have made the wins feel so much more rewarding. In any industry you have to work your ass off to be successful, but my goal is to not only be successful. I want to leave a legacy that sticks with the world. It's a big goal to take on, but why not leave your mark on the world in some way?


Through all the ups and downs of my life and career, I've noticed that being grateful for the wins and the people who support me is key. For someone like me who thrives on achievement, it's tough to really look at those wins and digest them without wanting to immediately move on to the next goal. It's important to stop and be grateful for all of the amazing things that can happen if you just stay focused and never give up, even through pitfalls. What I love about RISE coffee is how the energy I get from it feels undeniably positive. It's not a quick high or a jolt, it's a steady feeling of alertness and positivity. For any hard-working career person, I'd suggest slamming a couple before that big presentation, or that big show, or that big meeting. Music is such a huge part of my life, so I'm beyond grateful to RISE for keeping me going."

You can find Emily's tour dates here: https://www.emilywolfemusic.com 

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