If you’re a college football fan you know Saturdays are wall to wall games. It all starts with Big Noon Kickoff at 10a ET on FOX.  The best crew in the business set the table for the day with expert analysis and commentary keeping you juiced with insights and predictions. College football is a binge-watching commitment not for the casual fan. Kickoff starts strong at noon on the east coast with games popping late into the night.
The last thing you want to do is miss a 105-yard kickoff return or a Doug Flutie-like hail mary for the win. So, it’s important to stay fueled and not fade by the 3rd quarter of the first game (we’ve all been there).  Here’s a few tips to keep going until the last seconds of every game.
Stay hydrated. Yes, beer is made with water but that doesn’t count as hydration. Drink lots of water.  Then drink more water.  There’s a reason someone sprints out onto the field during every time out with an armful of water bottles—hydration.
Eat. Probably don’t need to tell you that since watching football and snacking on nachos and hot dogs is just tradition.  But try to throw in a veggie tray next to the tray of cheeseburger sliders.
Fuel up.  Give yourself a good caffeine kick every now and then. A RISE Nitro Cold Brew coffee or latte is a great way to give your mind and body a boost of good energy. RISE has 1.5 more caffeine then regular coffee. Pour it over ice, put it in a smoothie or add it to an adult beverage. 
College football, welcome back to the field. The stadiums may be empty but we’re all watching and cheering. 

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