Every now and then I get the urge for an ice-cold beer and the caffeinated kick of an iced coffee. The solution has always been to go double fisted. Beer in one hand, iced coffee in the other. Not exactly the most convenient way to get my fix but sometimes ya gotta improvise.
Well, turns out the folks at RISE Brewing Co. and Athletic Brewing Co. shared my double-fisting dilemma and put their brewing heads together to create Smooth Ascent. A stouty, non-alcoholic coffee brew that quenches that thirst for coffee and beer in one can. All you need is one fist. 
Here’s the rundown. Coffee and roasted malt notes, along with a mild chocolatey flavor. It’s bold and refreshingly crisp. In addition to organic coffee from Peru, this stouty brew is made with a mix of organic midnight wheat and lightly hopped with Pacific Northwest hops.
The brewmasters at RISE and Athletic nailed this one. Nice to see two independent companies, that share a passion for taste and quality, come together for the greater good of ice-cold coffee/beer satisfaction.

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