Tell us a bit about you -- your story, how you are “on the RISE”
My name is Angela Naeth and I am a professional Triathlete & Coach. Growing up in British Columbia, Canada, I was known in the triathlon world for my prowess on the bike, multiple 70.3 and Ironman Champion titles, 36+ 70.3 podium finisher, Ironman 2014 Chattanooga Champion and the 2015 North American Ironman Champion with under 9-hour performance!

In 2018, battling Lyme disease, I placed 8th at the Ironman World Championships with a time of 8:57.

With a Masters degree in Physical Therapy and Bachelor’s in Health Sciences, I graduated in 2005 and worked as a pediatric and orthopedic physiotherapist for three years. In 2008, I competed in my first triathlon and shortly thereafter made the jump into full-time racing.

I am now currently ranked among the top triathletes in the world - with 3 sub-9 hour IRONMAN performances, 30+ podiums at the 70.3 and Ironman distances. I continue to pursue my career in these distances and build awareness around Lyme, and Women in Sport.

Giving back - I have created a women's triathlon/cycling community in 2017. Growing in numbers, iracelikeagirl is her ability to support others in the sport of triathlon.
How did you end up doing what you do?
I was a track athlete in college. After graduating and working as a physical therapist, I wanted to stay active so jumped into a triathlon. Loved it! 
Tell us about some of your earlier challenges
It was hard to start up as a new triathlete and I had a number of setbacks - injury, financial. It was a long process to race and be able to support myself. 
Tell us a bit about how you know RISE, how you integrate RISE into your life, what you’d recommend to friends about it -- we’re open!
I drink RISE on-the-go, pre-swims primarily as I love the ability to grab and can and head to the pool. It's a great way to start the day. 
Where’s your happy place? 
I love lakes, ponds, oceans and rivers - any water really. 
What superpower do you wish you had? Why? 
I wish I breathe underwater. It's a whole new world! 

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