I must confess, I love lattes. All kinds. It’s a rare sight to see me without one in my hand. Thankfully, the choices have been getting better and better—new flavors, healthier ingredients and no artificial additives.
I have another confession. I’m a vanilla nut (get it, vanilla nut?). Anyway, when I found out RISE Brewing Co. launched an Oat Milk Vanilla Latte, I couldn’t wait to try one, or two, or three. Okay, I ordered a whole case. I’ve been a big fan of RISE lattes for a long time. Love that they’re nitro cold-brewed, love the roar and cascade when I pop the top, love the frothy, creamy texture and most of all, love the taste. That’s a lot of looooove.
So, I just couldn’t wait to hear that knock on the door and find my new love on my doorstep. Rather than take the time to find a pair of scissors or a knife to open the box, I ripped it open with my bare hands. And rather than wait to have them get cold in my fridge, I grabbed a couple ice cubes and got my Oat Milk Vanilla Latte party started. 
And the party did not disappoint. That same frothy, creamy texture, just the right amount of vanilla and here’s the topper—they use their Organic Oat Milk instead of dairy milk. One of my resolutions is to cut down on dairy so this is the absolute perfect combination. It’s almost like they made this just for me.
My only regret? I only ordered one case. I won’t make that mistake again.

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