There’s nothing glamorous about building a coffee company from scratch in a cramped, New York City apartment. Brewing materials laid scattered across the hardwood floor, coffee stains smeared on every surface, taste testing until our bodies had gone into caffeinated shock - sounds like the ultimate entrepreneur’s dream, right?
We never thought that building RISE Brewing Co. was going to be an easy feat. But, to answer your question: despite the trials and tribulations, the shaky hands and endless scent of cold brew permeating through the air - building our mighty coffee company was and continues to be, our ultimate dream. 
What It Takes To Build A Coffee Company
Before we share our story of how we built RISE Brewing Co., it’s vital to note that our process is unique to the business we wanted to build. The moves we made and the decisions that drove our growth may not work for every coffee entrepreneur. 
Building a coffee company is much more than logistics, equipment, flavors and financial spreadsheets. At the core, a coffee company needs to have a reason for operating and a mission that they instill into the framework of their business. It’s not enough to just make something that tastes good. Plenty of other coffee brands on the market make beverages that receive the quality seal of approval. 
Instead, you have to want to effectively change something about the industry. You have to create a unique perspective that allows you to stand out from your competitors. An idea that puts you at the forefront of the minds of your consumers and establishes a true, life-long connection. 
Whether it’s the way you approach your brewing style, the experimentations you attempt with flavor profiles or even something as simple as the packaging you choose to use - your coffee company has to be able to stand out from the crowd. 
At RISE Brewing Co., we knew what was going to make us different and we chased that idea all the way to where we are today. We were intent on creating something that didn’t look like all the others. And, with this goal in mind, we were able to find our perfect market: a loyal community of customers who truly value our products. 
Owning a business takes hard work, passion and most importantly, patience. Yet, no matter what we had to endure in order to get to where we are today, we did everything for a single, powerful reason - our true, unwavering love for coffee. 
Our City Coffee Story: The Cold Brew That Started It All 
We love the way coffee makes us feel. It energizes our bodies, makes us feel in tune with ourselves and the world around us. It fuels our minds, increases our productivity and overall, makes us feel sharp - ready to tackle any challenge head on. 
When we started Rise in New York City, we were bored with the same old coffee experience. We knew that there was something more than a lukewarm beverage in a styrofoam cup. We knew we deserved better coffee. In fact, the entire world deserved better coffee. 
How To Build a Coffee Brand: Trial, Error & Caffeinated Jitters
So, we started cold brewing our own caffeinated concoction in our NYC apartments. We started simple, sampling flavors, beans, roasts and testing out every method known to cold brew man. 
There were plenty of errors and mistakes in our quest for the perfect combination. We endured horrible ingredients, less than desirable flavors and flat out disgusting cups of coffee. Yet, the wheel kept turning - test, try, test and try. Until, like mad scientists in a laboratory, we hit the mother-load - a cold brew that made our taste buds jump with insane happiness. 
Finding Our Groove: A Nitrogen Cold Brew Formula
Once we knew we had uncovered a delicious gem, we were eager to share it with our community of friends and family. Feedback at the initial stages was incredibly important to the evolution of our product and brand. We knew that by starting small, with the people we trusted the most, we could evolve Rise into the coffee company we knew it could be. 
When we received that green light of approval, the race was on and we started brewing our little hearts out. We found our perfect supplier and to this day, our products are made with organic coffee, grown at high altitudes in Peru’s Chanchamayo Valley.  
Our cold brew is unique in taste. It’s naturally sweet, packs a bold punch and gives you little notes of chocolatey goodness. Although our initial cold brew was great, we always knew we’d aim higher. That’s when nitrogen stepped up to the plate. 
We adjusted our formula by conditioning our cold brew with nitrogen. A seamless infusion, it instantly complemented the taste of our cold brew - giving it a beautiful cascade, creamy head and refreshingly smooth finish. 
Our Community Says It All: Taste Testers, Market Disrupters
Not only did we achieve what we thought was highly improbable, but we made coffee that we knew people would actually want to drink. We continued to aggressively perfect our product because we understood that the future customers of RISE Brewing Co. deserved coffee that would in short - blow their minds, change their lives, spark a revolution? Let’s say it’s a solid combination of the three. 
So, we took it to the streets, black nitrogen cold brew in hand and let the people of New York City decide. It was a pivotal moment for our company and would define how we would shape the future of our business. We’d be lying if we said we weren’t surprised that people loved our nitro cold brew, yes - it’s that good. 
And, once we started serving on tap, the demand grew more than we could’ve ever imagined. We moved our homemade laboratory out of our kitchen, into a garage and eventually into the big leagues, a professional brewery where RISE Nitro Cold Brew Coffee. is still made, today.
So, there you have it, that’s how RISE became the world’s greatest coffee company - a mixture of meticulous detail, an unyielding love for quality ingredients and undeniable humility - it’s safe to say we’re keen on taking over the industry. 
The Importance Of Quality 
To this day, we continue to uphold the promise we have made to our customers since the very beginning. RISE Cold Brew Coffee is and always will be brewed with the freshest organic ingredients, insane attention to detail and our customers taste buds in mind. In a caffeine obsessed fashion, our goal is to continue to create the absolute best tasting beverages on the market. 
As we aim to expand our product line, we recently dove into the realm of selling our own organic Oat Milk, our mission is never to sacrifice the quality of our beverages. From the start, Rise has been a labor of love. We have spent hours, days, weeks and years crafting the absolute best taste experience for our customers. 
At this point, we think we’ve nailed it. We’ve found the perfect combination of beverages for our taste testers to enjoy. We cater to the needs of our friends who prefer their coffee dark and strong. We’ve developed products that are non-GMO, organic, free of chemicals and additives, vegan and gluten free. Whether you want it infused with non-dairy milk, mocha flavor or something more classic - Rise has a drink to suit your coffee needs. 
The Good Stuff: Coffee For Everyone
While our city coffee story began in the confined quarters of New York City living, RISE Cold Brew Coffee is now available to purchase online, anytime. 
At this point, you know that we think our coffee is all the rage, so why don’t you give us some feedback and try it for yourself? 
At RISE we currently supply: 
To get your caffeinated fix, shop now for your much needed-pick me up. 
Humble Beginnings To Coffee Connoisseurs
The evolution of RISE all comes down to our humble beginnings - a simple love for a delicious beverage and a desire to give people the quality coffee they deserve. Our mission will always be rooted in top of the line ingredients, delectable flavor and driven by our supportive community of like-minded caffeine addicts. 
At RISE, we make coffee that people, like you and me, actually want to drink. So, together, let’s raise a Nitro Cold Brew to the future of coffee - to cool cans of pure goodness and a passionate drive to never stop shaking up the beverage industry. 

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