Who doesn’t love ice cream? Nobody. But some people can’t have it because of the dairy and others don’t have it because of the sugar and calories. So what to do? 
Well, I figured out.  I’m no dessert chef but I know a good thing when I taste it.  So I got out my trusty blender and began experimenting.  And after a few trial spins, here’s my recipe that has my family hooked.
Oat Milk Banana Ice Cream
I tried it out on my husband and he loved it. Of course, he had to say that so I went to the ultimate culinary judge. I made one for my mom and as we all know moms can be a little critical of their kids’ kitchen skills. And she loved it, too. 
It’s fast, simple and incredibly delicious. The only regret you may have is that once your friends and family taste it, they’ll be asking you to make it all the time.

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