Sure, tailgating at a college football game is fun. The food, the people the school pride frenzy.  But as you know by now, this is a year of big changes everywhere and one of those changes is the parking lots of stadiums are empty on Saturdays. No more barbecues and crowds of excited fans gearing up for a game. Sadly, the tradition of tailgating has taken the semester off.
But while the parking lots are ghost towns and the stadiums aren’t rockin’ like they used to be, at least the players and the cheerleaders are back in action. So, let’s make the best of it and start a new tradition called Homegating. And there are some advantages to Homegating vs. Tailgating. Here are a few in no particular order.
1. Start your Saturday strong with Big Noon Kickoff at 10ET on FOX. The crew will bring you all the action, commentary, news and highlights to get you ready for the day.
2. Don’t have to wear a mask (unless you have a couple friends over).
3. A hot dog and a drink won’t cost you $25.
4. The restroom is close by and there’s no line.
5. Bad weather? Not a problem, you’re all good.
6. You can Homegate in your underwear (unless you have a couple friends over).
7. You can take a nap on your Homegating sofa (college football Saturdays are long).
8. No traffic.
9. No tickets necessary.
10. If you’re one of the winners of the FOX Sports/RISE Brew Co. Sweepstakes, you could hear your name announced on national TV.
And here a couple RISE recipes to keep you energized throughout the day.  Fight On football fans.
 Nitro Black & Tan (black and oat)
Nitro Martini (black)
1.5oz Vodka
1.5oz Kahlua

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