We’re pretty excited about this one. For a while we’ve been wanting to collaborate with our friends at Half Full Brewery on something other than beer. Not only are they our friends, but they’re our neighbors, too (based in Connecticut). But more important than that they share a similar philosophy with RISE—using the finest sourced ingredients and a belief that together we can make a difference. So together here we are.
After months of brainstorming over coffee and beer--mixing, tasting and re-tasting (and re-tasting some more just for the fun of it), the brewmasters came up with the ultimate hard coffee beverage.
A dairy free, alcoholic nitro coffee, the RISE & Grind Nitro Hard Coffee contains organic RISE coffee using naturally sweet, chocolatey tasting beans, organic malt, 5% alcohol and 90mg of caffeine. And it’s the first nitro-infused hard coffee on the market.
With the temperatures getting warmer, an ice-cold RISE & Grind Nitro Hard Coffee is going to be a welcome addition to your cooler.  Drink responsibly and enjoy.

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