How RISE Nitro Helped me Kick my Dairy Habit

A non-dairy tale of RISE nitro cold brew coffee.

By Lindsay Potter

Three months ago, I dropped dairy like it was HOT. Let me explain. 

Dairy and I have never really been friends. I love all things dairy – cream, butter, and cheese… oh cheese. But dairy doesn’t love me back, not one bit. I had all but cut dairy from my diet except for cheese (because cheese is delicious in my opinion) and cream in my daily coffee, but I knew something needed to change because I never felt good after eating cheese or drinking coffee with cream. The only challenge was that nothing could replace my morning hot coffee…until I started working at RISE a few months ago.

RISE Brewing Co. organic, non-GMO nitro cold brew coffee Original Black in a can and in a glass with creamy cascade

Since trying RISE, I have transitioned from a daily habit of 2-3 cups of hot coffee with cream to 1-2 cups of RISE, and I drink it black – which is saying something, because I never liked hot black coffee, as hard as I tried. To feel a difference in my health, I realized that I had to drop all dairy from my diet, including cheese. Since starting my new routine, the difference in my health and energy level has been astounding.

Here are a few general factoids on dairy:

Lindsay Potter with RISE Brewing Co. Original Black nitro cold brew coffee and merchandise

I am not expert, but I do maintain a healthy, well-balanced diet, and know that dairy makes me feel crappy. Since I dropped it, my skin has not had the random dryness that it was getting and my joints feel less tight when I ride my bike or go for a run. Small shifts in habits can lead to big changes in life.

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