Oat Milk Watermelon Smoothie

Have you ever been to Costa Rica? My Dad loves it there. In fact that's where he first discovered his love for coffee when he was younger. Every night he'd brew his coffee and leave it out overnight for the next morning. He'd wake early before he hit the waves and have his now "cold brew." I was excited to finally get to go with him last spring break. We rented two different houses on different sides of the country. The first one was great, my sister and I learned how to surf, met up with friends and ate tons of ice cream and had so much fun. But the second house was not so great because the first day we were there, I ran through a glass door (yup you read that right!) It was not fun, I had to get quite a few stitches and I thought that the rest of the vacation was not going to be so good. But, then we discovered this great smoothie bar on the side of a dusty road one day and everything started to look up again. I got this delicious watermelon drink, I believe they used rice milk as the base. But it inspired me to try making it when we got back home with RISE Oat Milk.And that's how we came up with this delicious watermelon refresher! It's perfect for any hot day or when you're in the mood to feel tropical. What you need

RISE Watermelon Smoothie


1 Whole watermelon (Don’t forget to save a piece of watermelon to garnish)

1 Tablespoons of monk fruit sweetener

4 Cups of RISE Oat Milk

2 Cups of ice


Blend together all ingredients from bumpy till smooth, get some cups, garnish and enjoy.*Oh and don't forget to clean up when you're done, or your mom might NAG and spoil your tropical vibes... Trust me on this one!