Why Add Nitrogen to Coffee?

It's simple. Nitrogen is a gas that preserves our coffee naturally for many months while adding that creamy mouthfeel and hint of sweetness you associate with nitro cold brew. How does it work? With science! Matt Hartings, a chemistry professor at American University, told WBUR's Here and Now that coffee’s flavor compounds decompose when they react with oxygen during brewing. “When you bubble nitrogen through, you get rid of any oxygen that's in your coffee. And so you preserve all these flavors that might not be there otherwise. "Approximately 80% of the air we breathe is nitrogen. It is natural, healthy, and organic. When you see the tiny bubbles rise to the top of your glass (the cascade) – those are nitrogen bubbles trying to rise back into the atmosphere and “go home.” These bubbles attach to our coffee and create a frothy head and velvety smooth taste. To understand why we started infusing our cold brew coffee with nitrogen, first, we should discuss the advantages and disadvantages of “cold brewing” coffee.

Why Cold Brew Coffee?

So, What is Nitrogen Infused Coffee?

What does Nitrogen Do To Coffee?

When we started infusing our cold brew with nitrogen, it gave us three amazing benefits:

  1. Nitrogen gave us a cool looking visual cascade. When you pour our nitro cold brew coffee out of the keg (on tap) or out of the can with a nitrogen widget inside, it offers a full 5-sense experience. 
  2. Nitrogen gave our coffee a smooth, creamy taste without adding anything. It formed a creamy and frothy head on our coffee, making our black coffee taste velvety smooth and giving our nitro cold brew a latte-like taste without having to add cream, sugar, or artificial chemicals.
  3. Nitrogen is one of the world’s greatest natural preservatives. Nitrogen not only gives our coffee a very long shelf life, but it keeps our coffee tasting very fresh for a long time.

We knew we were on to something, so we started walking around New York City with mininitro coffee kegsto see if cafe and restaurant owners wanted to sample some of our cold brew coffee. Some places thought we were crazy, but as soon as they saw the cascade pour and tasted the refreshingly smooth taste, they were hooked – and we launched our nitro coffee on tap!

How Does The Nitrogen Coffee Can Work?

Inside each nitro cold brew coffee can, there is a nitrogen widget. Inside that widget are millions of microscopic, gaseous nitrogen bubbles waiting to be released. As soon as you open the nitro coffee can, the widget releases the bubbles, and they rise to the top of the nitro cold brew can (or, glass if you pour the coffee out). The widget creates the same cascade and creamy head that you typically see on a draught beer. The widget also gives our nitro cold brew coffee cans a consistent cascade every time so you can enjoy nitro coffee on the go in the same way that you enjoy nitro coffee on draft.Without nitrogen, cold brew would have no RISE... literally. Nitrogen gives RISE a frothy and creamy head, making our cold brew coffee an indulgent experience without any calories. Nitrogen sets RISE apart from other cold brews and gives us a special taste that we believe creates the best coffee experience in the world.

How Does The Nitrogen Coffee Can Work?