Nitro cold brew kegs or cans for your office, store or business.

· RISE Brewing Co. nitro cold brew kegs with signature cascade.

· Full on-site setup of nitrogen tanks and kegerators.

· Six different flavors of nitro cold brew cans open with a roar.

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Nitro cold Brew on tap or in cans.

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What is Nitro Cold Brew Coffee anyway?

Nitro cold brew is cold brew coffee that is infused with nitrogen, similar to a stout beer. It results in a rich, creamy texture and creates a latte-like experience without needing to add fat, sugar or extra calories.

Can I try RISE before I buy?

We love to do complimentary tastings with offices -- it’s a great way to get your teams excited about RISE Brewing Co nitro cold brew coffee. Contact us to set up a free tasting!

Do I buy directly from RISE Brewing Co?

Yes! With kegs, we will sometimes work through a distribution partner, depending on the location. We can provide cans nearly anywhere for the same nitro keg taste at a special office price.

How many/what size kegs will we need?

We provide three keg sizes in the New York and Connecticut area. Outside of that zone, our sixth barrel is the primary size available.

Sixth Barrel: 5.16 gal/110 units

Office size: 10 people/month


Quarter Barrel: 7.75 gal/165 units

Office size: 20 people/month

Half Barrels:  15.5 gal/330 units

Office size: 30 people/month

(One unit serving=8 oz.)

Aside from the kegs, what else do we need to serve nitro cold brew?

Your keg(s) must be refrigerated. We can provide a kegerator for your office. If your kegs are kept cold, they have a shelf life of 5+ months. Most offices run through our product much faster than that. 

You will also need a source of nitrogen, and a tap.  We can source or provide all of the above whether you are looking for a stand-alone keg or building into an existing bar.

Where can I buy RISE?

We are ready to serve our nitro cold brew kegs in New York City, Connecticut,Massachusetts, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, and Miami. We ship cans anywhere in the continental United States. Contact us for an office/wholesale discount. And we have two retail cafes you can visit in the NYC area.