Inside RISE: Introducing our Area Sales Manager for Washington State, Spencer

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Give us a brief introduction -- where you come from?

I am from a small town outside of Seattle at the base of Mt. Rainier. I worked on farms and at the county fair as a kid to pay for my sports dues. Both of my parents have worked in the airline industry most of my life, so I have had flight benefits for most of my childhood. I am the oldest of four kids and was homeschooled during Elementary school through Middle School. I attended Wenatchee Valley College with a soccer scholarship and my freshman year we were undefeated and won the league championship. I got into the beverage industry 7 years ago by working for a local distributor selling craft beer and last year transitioned to the non-alcoholic supplier side with RISE Nitro Brewing Co. 

Tell us more about what you do at RISE Brewing Co

I am the Area Sales Manager for Washington State. My role consists of going into major retail stores, convenience stores, as well as bars and taverns. My goal is to sell in displays, sell in extra cases of product, gaining additional facings throughout the store, basically making our product more visible to the customer. I also attend large events such as concerts, festivals, 5k runs, and trade shows where we sample our product to the public to help expand our business.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I love playing and watching sports with my wife and son. We are Seattle Sounders season ticket holders as well as season ticket holders for the upcoming Seattle NHL team. I live in a small mountain town east of Seattle where we hike, snowshoe, and play outdoors as much as we can. 

What might someone be surprised to know about you?

I used to breed and raise Chinchillas. 

What has surprised you most about your work with RISE?

What constantly surprises me about working for RISE, is the people. I am blessed to work with such a great team. I have never worked for a more passionate, smart, down to earth team in my career. Every new person we hire seems to fit right in with our culture which makes the team stronger and stronger.

What’s your secret talent?

I can combine water, grain, hops and yeast to make alcohol! I have been brewing beer for 10 years now and I even brewed all the beer served at my wedding. The style I brewed was a Hazy Lemon Shandy, all 20 gallons of it was consumed in less than an hour (The 97 degree heat probably helped with that)

What can you not live without -- besides RISE Nitro Cold Brew?

My family. My wife and son and my golden doodle are the absolute best things in my life. We crafted a nice little life for ourselves and we have fun together everyday.

What is your favorite food/drink? What is your least favorite food/drink?

What is the craziest thing you’ve consumed?

A rare mezcal from Mexico brewed with a sacrificial lamb leg in the still.

What is your favorite RISE Brewing Co flavor?

Oat Milk Latte ALL DAY

Where’s your happy place?

Section 137 for a home Sounders match

Thank you so much! Anything else you want to share?

RISE Nitro Brewing Co. is one of the most innovative and addictive beverage brands in the industry. I am so lucky to be able to work for this company and with these awesome people. I can’t wait to see what our team comes up with next so I can help get that product into our customers hands. Starting my day with a can of RISE is a recipe for success. 

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