Fan Testimonial x RISE Blood Orange Nitro Cold Brew

Sparks fly in Greg’s first encounter with RISE Blood Orange Nitro Cold Brew

By Greg Thomas 

RISE nitro cold brew coffee -- organic, non-GMO, sustainably-sourced beverage in a can -- with flowers

Late Afternoon, The Market

Senter Johnson has the right energy for the job. He’s got a small setup at the new Boston Market in Dobbs Ferry, New York. Three cans of RISE nitro cold brew coffee are on display. “Would you like to try one of our cold brew coffees?”

Ok, disclaimer, I’m not quoting. I don’t know if that’s what Senter Johnson said word-for-word, but our exchange was friendly and buoyant.

I replied to Senter’s kind offer. “Coffee?” I asked. “I love cold brew.” Honestly, it was early evening, and I was feeling the slump. I still had to finish shopping, drive home to make my son’s fifth meal of the day, and fix something ‘organic’ for my wife. Cold brew coffee to the rescue!

Being a foodie, I was intrigued. I’d tried cold brewing at my house. In general, I liked the results I was getting, but filtering the coffee bean sludge was the last thing I wanted to deal with first thing in the morning. If Senter had something to improve the process, I was all ears.

Greg Thomas looks at RISE nitro cold brew coffee cans

Above: Greg Thomas and RISE Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Cans

Aside (Part I)

Hot Coffee is my old friend. As such, I’ve taken time to try to keep things right between us... but things haven’t been golden. I’ve been feeling distant. Hot Coffee and I were talking—in my head—the other day:

Me: Hot Coffee, you’ve always gotten me on the right track mornings and again around 3 pm.

Hot Coffee: I agree.

Me: But now I feel that you want to take advantage of me. It feels like you want me to hang with you ALL the time. Big strong cup in the morning. Another at 3 pm. OK, that’s been part of the tradition, but sometimes I’m at a restaurant with my other friends…

Hot Coffee gives off a bit of steam.

Me: …and you come at me with ‘Hey man, why not have an espresso with that tiramisu.’ Why, Hot Coffee? Treating me like a junkie...that’s not acceptable. We’re old friends, right?

I try to remain strong. My lip quivers. I thought Hot Coffee and I had an understanding.

Me: I can’t be with you all the time, Hot Coffee! When we’re together now, I get nervous. I get shaky. I get snappy with my other friends. My stomach gets tense. I yelled at my dog the other day! I never yell at my dog. I can’t even focus that well anymore. I need some space. I’m telling you, Hot Coffee, I’ve been reconsidering what’s in our future.

Man pouring coffee into mug from coffee carafe

Aaaand Scene! Back to the Market & Senter

I look at the RISE nitro cold brew coffees on display:

Two-thirds of these offerings had never occurred to me. Citrus in my coffee? Muy interesante!

Me: Senter, what do you recommend?

Senter: It’s all good.

Very West Coast of him, I think to myself. I’m a reacher. I go for the big choice, the exciting mark. “Okay, I’ll try the Blood Orange Nitro Cold Brew Coffee.”

I take a sip. I was impressed. Yes! It's refreshing and has its own thing going on, like a rare burst of clear sky and sun in the middle of a continuous day of snow and grey. It wakes me up. This brew has spark.

RISE Blood Orange Nitro Cold Brew Coffee in a can -- non-GMO, organic, non-dairy coffee

Aside (Part II)

The fantasy of my relationship with Hot Coffee takes another turn. I tell my cup of Hot Coffee that we’ve been together for a long time, but it’s always been with sugar and cream… and that feels “unclean” to me. But Hot Coffee isn’t ready to separate from me.

Hot Coffee: I’m going to be the biggest headache you’ve EVER had!

Then Hot Coffee drops the bomb on me...

Hot Coffee: I heard in the cafe that you got a thing going on with my third cousin on my mother’s side, Blood Orange…

Me: I deserve something better in this life. In my heart of hearts, Blood Orange and I have a future! We have potential!

As the conflict shifts in my imagination, I see Hot Coffee in a cracked mug and an old house dress. A can of RISE Blood Orange Nitro Cold Brew Coffee is dressed in a red sequin dress, reminding me that I can still dance.

RISE Blood Orange Nitro Cold Brew Coffee in a can with coffee beans and dancing emojis

Aaaand Scene! Back to the Market

I tell Senter that I like the RISE Blood Orange Nitro Cold Brew. It’s fresh and different. The organic brew has a caffeine kick but without the crazy milk and sugar calorie count. I imagine other scenarios:

Yes, I could go on.

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